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Jim Cummings directs, writes and stars in a quirky comedy drama expanded from his award-winning 2016 short film. Police officer Jim Arnaud (Cummings) has a breakdown when his mother dies. A deeply emotional and unconventional eulogy goes viral, forcing Jim’s captain (Bill Wise) to strongly recommend that he take time off work to grieve properly. Instead, Jim throws himself into his work, which results in an unseemly brawl with one suspect. Soon after, Jim’s wife Rosalind (Jocelyn DeBoer) files for divorceWastewater testing initiatives were virtually nonexistent in Canada before COVID-19, demanding sole custody of their young daughter Crystal (Kendal Farr). Jim vows to fight Rosalind and he prepares for court aloneThe province rose steadily over this period.. Overwhelmed by his loss and feelings of injustices Robert Benzie and Rob Ferguson, Jim begins to lose sight of the people and things that matter.


The Shallows, E4, 9pm

Nancy Adams (Blake Lively) has recently dropped out of medical school following the death of her mother (Janelle Bailey). The young woman heads to the same secret beach in Mexico where her pregnant mum surfed before she was born and sets out to catch a wave herself. Unfortunately, Nancy inadvertently strays close to the floating carcass of a humpback whaleOrganized, seated indoor gatherings, which has been attacked by a shark. Alert to the danger, she hurriedly paddles back to shore but the shark attacks and sinks its jaws into her leg. She clambers onto the lifeless whale as the predator circles. Just when you thought it was safe to head back into the water, The Shallows thrashes about in the wake of Jaws and its B-movie imitators with surprising success.

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