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North China industrial control grandly launched the ultra-low power epic motherboard EMB

North China industrial control specially designed the embedded hardware experimental platform EMB-4650 based on Atom processor for the embedded special Invitational of the 2010 Intel Cup college students design competition. Help the students of the high tension experimental machine give full play to their design imagination, and use the North China industrial control embedded motherboard EMB-4650 to design excellent works close to multi industry applications. This embedded industrial motherboard has the advantages of low power consumption, high stability, good compatibility, simple operation and so on. It is widely used in college teaching, media broadcasting, advertising, LCD large screen, industrial control, intelligent transportation, automatic ticket selling system, information system, financial terminal, digital control, interactive client, military industry and various terminals, such as helmet and body armor machine market

North China industrial control EMB-4650 motherboard adopts epic specification, based on Intel Poulsbo Sch chipset, on-board Intel Atom z510p processor and 512M DD. it can be seen from table 3 that R Ⅱ memory has low energy consumption and is more reliable. The board has one LVDS to be replaced in time and one DVI-D (optional VGA) interface, which supports independent dual display function. 1 Gigabit card design, multiple storage methods, support IDE, SATA, CF and SD card readers. In terms of i/o interface, the EMB-4650 supports 2 serial ports, 8 USB2.0, 1 LPT, 1 PC104, 1 Mini-PCI, 1 PCI expansion interface, and supports 8-channel digital i/o

humanized design

North China industrial control this embedded industrial motherboard EMB-4650 has small size, strong scalability, supports independent dual display, and can flexibly choose accessories. It is convenient for customers to realize secondary flexible development. In the 2010 Intel Cup Undergraduate design competition embedded system special Invitational Competition, college students used North China industrial control EMB-4650 to design creative works covering IOT, advertising digital signs, industrial applications, automatic control, vehicle management, health care, rail transit, security monitoring, digital home and other aspects

low power consumption and high stability

the main board EMB-4650 of North China industrial control is based on Intel Poulsbo Sch chipset, with Intel Atom z510p processor and 512M DDR Ⅱ memory on board. It has low power consumption, good heat dissipation and high stability. It is suitable for long-term stable operation in harsh environments and meets the development needs of embedded industry customers

rich interfaces and multi-function

the embedded motherboard EMB-4650 supports 2 serial ports, 8 USB2.0, 1 Gigabit card design, and has a variety of storage methods. Rich interfaces, good compatibility, flexible interface expansion and powerful network communication functions meet the needs of customers in the process of developing and designing embedded products

product features:

chipset: Based on Intel Poulsbo Sch chipset

processor: On-board Intel Atom z510p processor

memory: On-board 512M memory

display: support vga/dvi, LVDS interface

storage: 1-way ide/sata optional hard disk interface, 2G on-board SSD

network: support a 1000m Ethernet; Support WOL, PXE, dash technology

serial port: support 2 x com; Among them, COM1 supports RS232 function, com2 is a 2 x 5 pin 2.0mm pin, which supports rs232/422/485 function

usb interface: 8x usb2.0


at present, this product has been adopted in the embedded special Invitational of the 2010 Intel Cup college students design competition. The advantages of the product, such as low power consumption, stability, ease of operation, multi-functional application, have been unanimously recognized by college students. For more details, please click:. Or contact the sales staff of North China industrial control to purchase

attachment: collection of winning works of Intel Cup University Design Competition Based on EMB-4650 motherboard

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