The hottest North China technology appears at Beij

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North China Technology unveiled at Beijing International Intelligent Transportation Exhibition recently, North China Technology participated in the Beijing International Intelligent Transportation System Technology and product exhibition and seminar. This exhibition is a high-tech event with unprecedented grandeur, internationalization and strong color of independent innovation. It brings together many Chinese and foreign enterprises to participate in the exhibition of thermal insulation materials, which is a component of building thermal insulation system. All enterprises show their magic power and launch the latest products researched and developed in recent years. Many exhibits reflect the highest level of international intelligent transportation technology today. Since the seminar on "building a new platform in the field of intelligent transportation" held last year, North China technology has continuously introduced new products and penetrated into the depth of the transportation field. In this exhibition, North China technology exhibited the latest industrial control products and solutions. The high-level leaders of North Science and technology also worked with customers in North China, and the industry concentration will be improved. Therefore, they should have extensive exchanges on the application of the level control products of the primary experimental machine in the industry

Zhou Ji, President of North China Science and technology, said, "at the just concluded company sales summary meeting, North China Science and technology's sales performance reached a new high in 2005. Our participation in the 2006 Beijing International Intelligent Transportation Exhibition reflects our attention to the transportation field and the northern market. We will continue to provide customers with the most valuable products and solutions, and will continue to maintain excellent quality in terms of product stability and reliability."

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