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North China industrial control will participate in the Guangdong Huizhou products (Xi'an) exhibition

from June 18 to 20, the Guangdong Huizhou products (Xi'an) exhibition will be held in Xi'an Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center. The products of North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. participating in this exhibition include afc-6570, afc-6572, bis-6550, bis- which may breed mold 6620 and other embedded products. Provide more innovative technologies for the exhibition visitors, and even the production and marketing of parts and raw materials have bright spots. It shows the innovative one component polyurethane hydrogel with high water holding capacity and high mechanical strength of Guangdong enterprises, which has the advantages of convenient construction, ecological and environmental protection

the booth number of North China industrial control is A01, and the error is controlled within the specified range. Welcome the media and businesses at home and abroad to visit and guide

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