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North China industrial control launched the Australian CeBIT exhibition it feast

the Australian CeBIT information and Communication Technology Expo officially opened in Sydney on May 12. The Australian CeBIT exhibition fully displayed various products of the IT industry and introduced the internal development status and forward-looking development concepts of various industries

North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. made a wonderful appearance in this exhibition, and many works of the booth have attracted the attention and attention of merchants. This exhibition is to show its product strength to the world again after the 2009 CES exhibition and the German CeBIT exhibition, show the strength and charm of national brands, and have a deeper understanding of the development of the international IT industry. After continuous comparison and learning, North China industrial control will be able to go higher and better

as one of the leading manufacturers in the domestic industrial control industry, North China industrial control has always led the development of the industry in industrial computer R & D and design. The network multimedia advertising machine bis-6550hd, 8.4 "touch LCD tablet ppc-3284, network storage system ns-520, mini itx motherboard mitx-6854 based on Atom processor, which were popular in the whole industry in 2008, have fully demonstrated the style of North China industrial control and brought an it feast to the scene

North China industrial control booth (Booth No.: X60)

North China industrial control proposed a series of solutions to control the multimedia network advertising machine - the use of bis computer network technology -6550 HD is based on Intel Atom architecture, ultra-low power consumption, compact shape, is a kind of science, personal care and skin care products, high-performance coating The pharmaceutical and medical equipment industries provide solutions for raw materials and additives, network equipment and control boxes for digital advertising applications. With this compact and easy-to-use network device, users can realize centralized control, reservation management and multimedia content transmission through Ethernet. In places where the wiring infrastructure does not meet the network connectivity, you can choose to use WLAN function (support WiFi). When integrating TV functions into advertising applications, you can also choose to use TV tuner, which can bring high-definition audio and video experience to advertisers with HDMI. Provide vga/tv-out/dvi/hdmi/s-video interface output, support independent dual display, and support 7.1 channel high fidelity sound output. The hot plug multi-function SD card and CF card sockets bring great convenience to the release of dynamic advertising information and maximize the flexibility of digital advertising applications

on site merchants pay attention to North China industrial control innovative products

North China industrial control staff patiently explain products for customers

North China industrial control has successively launched a convenient NAS storage product ns-520 that is targeted at home consumption level according to market needs. It has the functions of multimedia file sharing and media server, and supports the erection of web stations and FTP servers, which can not only meet the storage needs of home users, And it can better protect data security

different from NAS products for large enterprises and institutions, ns-520, which focuses on small and medium-sized enterprises and home users, is a NAS product with moderate price, beautiful appearance, small volume, more humanized operation interface, simple installation, and can operate freely without any professional knowledge. It is a combination of price and performance advantages

in the embedded field, the demand for wide temperature, low power consumption and high integration has become a market trend. In order to meet the above needs of users for embedded solutions, North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. and Intel's embedded Menlow XL platform synchronously launched an emb-3650 motherboard based on this technology. The processing speed of the emb-3650 CPU of the 3.5 inch motherboard can reach 1.6g, with strong logic computing ability and strong integration performance. It is embedded in media playback, advertising, LCD large screen, industrial control, traffic control, information system, financial equipment, automatic ticket selling system, automobile, digital control, interactive client, military industry and various terminal markets, which will highlight the excellent performance of the system

the leaders of North China industrial control are together with customers

under the economic environment of the financial crisis in 2009, the market competition has highlighted the scientific and technological strength of enterprises. The products of North China industrial control show the unique scientific and technological charm of an international group in terms of design concept and product quality. Fashionable and simple appearance, rigorous design concept, down-to-earth professional service. We have reason to believe that with the gradual improvement of the comprehensive strength of R & D, production and sales, North China industrial control will bring more surprises to global users under the dull economic situation

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