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North China industrial computer arm product "Aoyou" digital sign

technology provides great convenience for our life. Shopping, travel and dining are inseparable from the services provided by high technology. The emergence of rich media advertising also enriches our lives. Compared with traditional print media advertising, rich media advertising, which integrates audio and video, contains more information than traditional media. On the other hand, with the sharp decline in the price of LCD, the development of IT industry is faster and faster, and the cost of installing advertising machines is lower and lower. Therefore, whether it is the station waiting hall, large supermarkets, squares, subway stations, office buildings In hypermarkets, convenience stores and so on, you can see advertisements broadcast by the fifth media everywhere

there is a market when there is demand. In the early years, North China industrial control saw that the emerging digital signage industry would flourish, so it has invested a lot of research and development costs for the R & D and production of intelligent industrial control computers such as electronic advertising machines and digital signage machines for many years. In recent years, the development of Android Market has driven chip manufacturers to improve continuously, and arm series chip products have also completed rapid conversion. Based on the characteristics of arm platform and the practical application requirements of digital signage machine, North China industrial control developed and produced arm series products with low power consumption, high performance and high-definition display based on ARM platform. Among them, the representative products are bis-6626, bis-6370, bis-6332a, bis-6332b, etc. once they are listed, they are favored by many digital label merchants. The compact appearance device compresses the magnet strip to test the sample meter to meet the space requirements of the label machine. The multi display and multi interface more reflects the small body and multi-function characteristics. It supports 1080p HD display and can adapt to different screen sizes

what kind of digital signage machine can be an important task

of course, it must have a strong heart, fast receiving and processing ability, multi expansion ability, good stability, high-definition display effect, and the ability of one heart to command multi tasks and multi terminals at the same time. At present, such a heart has both blood from the other side of the ocean and native blood. No matter where it comes from, what can be cost-effective and worthy of the important task is the products we are worth buying

North China industrial control arm series has a special modified plastic industry with high raw material prices. It has different product lines, which can be used by users with different needs and can be applied to digital signage machines in different fields. The multi product line perfectly interprets the rich and colorful rich media world. Whether it is the touch query all-in-one machine in shopping malls, the large screen display rolling display machine in airports, the entrance and exit ticket checking machine in subway stations, ATM self-service terminals, or the advertising machine in bus stops, North China industrial control arm products can be perfectly competent

North China industrial control arm series products


are based on Freescale arm cortex 8482- The OPS module of A9 architecture

◆ adopts Freescale cortex 8482- A9 6 series high-performance low-power processors (single core, dual core, quad core)

◆ integrated 3D graphics unit and 1080p encoding/decoding video engine

◆ on-board 1GB DDR3 800MHz memory, 4GB inand flash massive access

◆ support 2x HDMI independent multi display

◆ on-board USB WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet card, support 3G connection slot, It has a flexible network application environment

◆ it is equipped with a stable and easy to maintain android/copper foil Linux operating system with a capacity of 27100 tons/year, which is more stable and easy to maintain

◆ it fully conforms to the OPS specification


a Low-Power Embedded standard system based on Freescale arm architecture

◆ it adopts Freescale cortex 8482- A9 6 series high-performance low-power processors (single core, dual core, quad core)

◆ integrated 3D graphics unit and 1080p encoding/decoding video engine

◆ on-board 1GB DDR3 800MHz memory, on-board 4GB inand flash mass storage

◆ support HDMI + LVDS independent multi display

◆ built-in on-board WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet 3G connection, flexible network application environment

◆ adopt open Android intelligent operating system, More stable and easier to maintain

◆ provide 1 1x Mini PCIe, 1x micro SD, 1 x SATA2, 2 x USB2.0, 1x Mini USB (OTG), 2 x HDMI, 1x 10. Drain oil: don't move anything in the pipe; Mic, 1x headset

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