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North China industrial control made a strong attack on the 2010 Taipei Computer Exhibition

computex2010 was successfully held in the Taipei World Trade Center exhibition hall from June 1 to 5, 2010. This large-scale science and technology feast brought together a large number of computer, digital and commercial technology manufacturers, and the exhibitors brought the latest technological achievements. As a special computer high-tech enterprise in China's industry, North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. centrally displayed the embedded industrial motherboard emb-3850, emb-3650, emb-5850, etc; Digital signage series bis-6620, bis-6620ii, bis-6620 Ⅲ, bis-6550, bis-6592dv, etc; Rail transit series afc-6572, etc; Network security series bis-7870, bis-6580 and other dozens of high-tech products. Show the powerful technology and popular attractions in the industry-specific computer industry to more than 100000 professional audiences, and understand the future industry vane through exchanges with global businesses

North China industrial control booth

North China industrial control adheres to many years of R & D and production experience in the industry-specific computer industry. From the shape design to the internal structure, we will strive to achieve smaller size, lower power consumption, higher performance and more functional applications. In this taipei exhibition, the highly competitive products of North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. performed extraordinary, and saw through the popular colors of industry-specific computers

staff communicate and negotiate with customers

North China industrial control set up a special area for digital signs in this exhibition. Among them, bis-6550, bis-6620 series, Haier MOCA TV, bis-6592gm, bis-6592dv and other products have wonderful demonstrations on site. The products of North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd., together with the digital sign playing software of the cooperative company, can provide customers with a simple user interface and rich functions to control the playing content

based on the web-based management interface, the digital signage playing software can easily manage multiple digital media playing terminals in the network, with convenient operation; At the same time, it supports scheduled playlists; Support multi frame layout, and mix multiple contents to maximize the use of the screen; It supports text, image, video, flash, audio, video streaming, TV signal, RSS scrolling, HTML, shell event, PowerPoint and other format files. The web version supports that we can give them different surface treatments, 250 digital media playback PC terminals, which greatly reduces the development cost of customers

North China industrial control digital signage display area

digital signage area ice fin series products represented by bis-6550, based on Intel Atom N270 processor, have the advantages of no fan, low power consumption, small size, strong performance and good heat dissipation structure. The picture shows the free realization of weather broadcast, advertising information, flight display, LCD large screen advertising and other effects in the Digital Signage Software

another embedded mini computer in the exhibition area, bis-6620, which is smaller than the palm of the hand, has been popular at home and abroad since its mass production, and is very popular with customers. This product adopts Intel's most popular Menlow platform at present. It is small in size and has all kinds of internal organs. The maximum power consumption is only 5.5W. It is designed without noise. It has multiple storage means of SATA, SD and CF cards, provides vga+s-video display output interface, and four USB2.0 help improve the expansion elasticity of the periphery. It is widely used in high-definition multimedia broadcast, advertising machine, LCD large screen, set-top box, medical care, finance, trading and other industries

bis-6620i, bis-6620ii, bis-6620iii series products

in 2010, the upgraded versions of bis-6620 bis-6620ii and bis-6620 III were mass produced successively. In this taipei exhibition, bis-6620ii, bis-6620 III competed with bis-6620 on the same stage. Bis-6620 III provides HDMI high-definition display interface, and the customized expansion slot can improve the expansion elasticity of the periphery, and can adapt to the flexible application of more high-definition occasions in the digital signage industry. Attract many visitors to consult

in addition, a multi port fanless embedded computer bis-6592dv with a built-in DVD drive in the North China industrial control booth has aroused the curiosity of many customers. This product is different from ordinary DVD player. Its precise control of experimental force (or deformation) is guaranteed, which will solve the suspicious miscellaneous diseases of outdoor advertising and LCD large screen broadcasting. For the mass media, high-definition advertisements can easily meet people's visual feast. This industry standard embedded computer adopts a large ice fin shell with good heat dissipation performance, which is compact and beautiful, and is convenient for embedding and connecting various devices. Based on Intel penryn/core 2, even if we make duo/celeron m processor and adopt Intel GM45 high-speed chipset, the performance is powerful, and the maximum memory can support 8GB. It also supports DVI, VGA and HDMI display outputs, which is conducive to the high-definition playback of advertisements and LCD screens


in this exhibition, the application of industry-specific computers in the rail transit industry is also one of the focuses of attention of participants. Afc-6572 series exhibited by North China industrial control are high-tech products specially customized for rail transit AFC system. According to the introduction, this series of products board Intel Atom N270 processor, the power consumption of the whole machine is less than 15W, the serial ports are rich, and there are as many as 16 serial ports, which can operate stably in high temperature and low humidity environment


the most evaluated words of customers on North China Industrial Rail Transit products and projects are: what you can see is safe and correct operation, and what you can't see is reliable product performance. In this taipei exhibition, North China industrial control series rail transit products showed their charm again. The typical applications of afc-6572 in automatic ticket selling system, ticket checking system and gate system attracted the attention of visitors

at the same time, the safety series products in front of the industrial control booth in North China also attracted visitors one after another. The new star bis-7870 of the safety series products is a low-power 6000 stop switch stop trillion network safety standard system. It adopts the ice fin appearance of the registered trademark of North China industrial control, and the internal efficient copper tube heat dissipation design, providing a fan free installation method with high performance and low power consumption. Based on Intel pineview-m (/d) processor +ich8m chipset, on-board Pineview m (/d) processor, 1 DDR2 DIMM slot, up to 2GB, the motherboard provides 2 SATA and 1 CF card, and 2 Mini PCIe interfaces. Its product advantages, features and functional applications make many buyers eager to try


the Taipei International Computer Exhibition is the largest computer exhibition in Asia. Previous exhibitions have attracted many internationally renowned ICT manufacturers. During the 2010 taipei exhibition, more than 30000 buyers from 216 countries and regions were attracted. Through this platform, North China industrial control shows the charm of industry-specific computer high-tech enterprises. Through exchanges and negotiations with exhibitors and buyers, it can better understand the industry trends and market dynamics, so as to guide the research, development and production of more competitive industry-specific computer technology products

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