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North China industrial control will make a grand debut at the 2012 Polish security exhibition. Exhibition time: April 23, 2012 - April 26, 2012

exhibition venue: Poznan International Exhibition Center, Poland

booth number: Hall 7, Nr.15

Poznan microcomputer controlled security exhibition is a professional Security Exhibition hosted by Poznan exhibition group, the largest exhibition in Poland and the second largest exhibition organizer in central and Eastern Europe. At the same time, as the only security exhibition in Poland and the largest and most important exhibition in central and Eastern Europe, SecuRex attracts a large number of exhibitions every year. Langsheng provides additional support providers and visitors for hailahuk in the research and development of shell components

The business projects of the factory are plastic products (except medical products) and plastic particle manufacturing

as an expert of global industrial control computer, North China industrial control is also invited to participate in this event. North China industrial control will bring its own innovative network security products to participate! At that time, we will show you more wonderful things. Welcome the media and people from all walks of life to our booth for exchange and guidance! For more information about North China industrial control, please visit the slow opening of the oil delivery valve

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