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North China industrial control attended the "2013 Intel digital signage and retail summit"

in December 2013, the 2013 Intel digital signage and retail summit with the theme of smart retail, happy teaching and core interconnection was officially launched. It was held in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen on September 9, 11 and 13, respectively. North China industrial control, an industry-leading supplier of industrial computers and embedded solutions, As an associate member of Intel intelligent systems Alliance (ISA) and an important partner in the field of digital signage, he was also invited to attend the summit

as the theme of the conference shows, the theme of the summit and the focus of product display are focused on the smart application of digital signage in the retail industry and the intelligent interactive experience in the education industry. As a long-term strategic partner of Intel rubber and metal materials, North China industrial control has always been concerned about the development of the Digital Signage Industry and the technological innovation made by Intel in promoting the smart application of digital signage. As early as Intel first released the new specification of OPS Digital Signage Industry, North China industrial control released its first OPS module bis-6330 to be applied in the field of intelligent digital signage. At this meeting, North China industrial control will bring the OPS module upgrade product bis-6330a and the latest Bay trail platform product bis-6660c, Haswell platform motherboard atx-6951, purchase motherboard emb-3930, and ice wing series products with patented heat dissipation technology to the scene

Shanghai station product display

Shenzhen station product display

new weapon of Digital Signage: the quasi system bis-6660c based on Intel Bay trail platform

several new products carried by North China industrial control this time can be widely used in digital signage, intelligent POS terminals, purchase and any digital advertising equipment and information release system. Among them, bis-6660c is a quasi system based on the latest Intel Bay trail platform, with a compact shape. It is a multimedia digital playback and control box for digital advertising and information publishing applications of the new generation of special fiber materials. With the help of Intel Gen 7 graphics of bay trail platform, bis-6660c can provide fast video link, three-dimensional 3D and standard HDMI HD interface to output high-definition charts and multimedia content, and provide users with immersive web browsing experience and extraordinary HD playback brought by HD technology. It is an ideal platform for digital signage applications

bis-6330a: a new favorite of the OPS customization market

since Intel released the OPS specification of the digital signage industry, OPS module has always been a focus of attention in the digital signage market. North China industrial control bis-6330a is an OPS module customized by North China Industrial Control for the digital signage industry. It adopts Intel hm76 chipset and is equipped with intel32 nm sandy bridge/22 nm Ivy B. you should know more about the ridge core i3/i5 processor, It has strong application computing ability and graphics processing ability. At the same time, the product of this OPS specification module has lower power consumption than the original OPS module. The standard OPS module design can organically connect the computer platform with the large screen display, which is more simple and convenient to apply. It adopts the removable sataiii external storage, which can realize the rapid replacement and upgrading of a large amount of data, and has the advantages of stable and reliable industrial product performance and intelligent digital multimedia player

the motherboard atx-6951 of another Haswell platform also received the attention of many participants at the venue. The lga1150 CPU of the motherboard, which uses the intelq87 chipset, has 12 serial ports, 6 SATA (sata1 and SATA2 support sata3.0), 14 USB, 8bitsgpio, dual VGA independent display, 3 PCI, 2 pciex8, 1 pciex4 and 1 PCIe, which can meet the needs of most professional guests in the current market. It is mainly used in the field of multiple serial ports, industrial automation, rail transit, digital signage, POS terminals and other industries

there is still a large market space for the development of the extruder industry in the future: the digital signage o2o market has great potential

at this summit, many experts from Intel and industry partners made wonderful keynote speeches and introduced solutions and successful cases for the digital signage industry, and expounded the current situation and future market development trend of the digital signage industry. The on-site display of innovative technological achievements was even more wonderful. Different forms of dynamic demonstration and static display filled the eyes of the on-site participants. Especially in the speech session of the summit, Intel experts and partners respectively elaborated on the global growth trend of digital signage, especially the huge potential of China's e-commerce market, and believed that the related equipment of e-commerce o2o and the interactive electronic whiteboard business will grow rapidly in the next few years

the future retail and education industry will pay more attention to the application of interactive, interconnected, intelligent digital devices, and the upgrading of user experience. North China industrial control, as an industry-leading supplier of industrial computers and embedded solutions, has strong hardware R & D, production, software support and comprehensive service capabilities in the field of digital signage. Under the general trend of rapid changes in the digital signage market in the future, North China industrial control will work more closely with Intel to develop more innovative technology products to meet the future digital signage market by using Intel's latest digital signage technology and processor platform, so as to promote the development and in-depth application of digital signage in the smart retail and digital education industries in the future

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