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North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. is waiting with you: China space station will go to heaven in 2020

when it comes to the space station, you can't help but imagine the deep and mysterious space, and the curiosity and longing of human beings for outer space, from the remote stone age, after thousands of years of vicissitudes, it still remains the same. Of course, in the era of drilling wood for fire and slash and burn cultivation, the universe is always out of reach. Looking up at the starry sky, people always think that there is always a fairy holding a rabbit in the Moon Palace, and the full moon is filled with the fragrance of Osmanthus; I always thought that the spoon with seven stars was the tool used by the mysterious creature named immortal to drink soup; I always feel that there are terrible dragons and big fish in the long Milky way, which can swallow dozens of people at a meal

modern people always feel that the ancestors ten thousand years ago and the ancients thousands of years ago have too rich imagination to conceive such a beautiful story. But you know what? How the ancients wanted to uncover the truth behind these 100000 reasons. However, the hand is too short to hold the sky high, and the heart is not as high as the star. In that era when technology is close and its construction, creation and operation are more intuitive and stupid, medical treatment still needs divination, and eating depends on the sky. How can people know the secrets of the universe

from the remote stone age to today, human beings have evolved, and technology has also evolved. Of course, the speed of human evolution is far less than that of technology. Landing on the moon has become a reality as early as 40 or 50 years ago, and human footprints are still left on the distant moon; The Voyager 1 probe, which hopes to visit other planets, said goodbye to earth's interstellar travel in 1977. Now it has left the solar system for a deeper universe

in short, the deep and mysterious universe fascinates any country. As the nearest manned spacecraft to the earth, the space station has become the frontier post for human beings to explore the universe. Many countries hope to have their own space stations, but for a long time, only the United States and Russia have mastered the core technology, and other countries can only play supporting roles in the construction. When it comes to the space station, you may think of the meritorious space station, the Mir space station and the international space station. Now there is good news during the two sessions. The Chinese space station is expected to be completed around 2020 and will operate in orbit for more than 10 years. This is what the spokesman of China's manned space engineering said at the two sessions, which surprised and expected us

the research and operation of space stations in China is a big step for human beings to explore and develop the universe. The scientific research work of the space station can also bring magical transformation of scientific and technological achievements to our lives, so as to better serve the public. Only in this way can we ultimately achieve a cause that benefits the people, which is beneficial to the country and the people

science and technology dance life, innovation changes the world. The power of science and technology is very shocking, which can make the space station leap to the sky; I can let AFA dog abuse people invisibly. Nowadays, more and more artificial intelligence has begun to enter life, making our life fragrant with surprises and full of fantasy

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