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Beijing Institute of chemical technology makes the world's Polyolefin Catalyst giant

Beijing Institute of chemical technology makes the world's Polyolefin Catalyst giant

in March 2003, there were two holes on the top of the dynamometer for threading steel wire rope during reinstallation. On March 17,

on March 6, the scientific test base of Beijing Research Institute of chemical industry and Beijing AODA Petrochemical new technology development center. At the celebration ceremony of the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Academy, Yang Yuanyi, President of the Academy, said that ten years ago, the academy and Sinopec science and technology development company jointly set up the AUDA Petrochemical new technology development center. Now the test base has developed into a scientific research achievements transformation park covering an area of 391 mu, with more than 300 employees, and complete scientific research and production equipment. The AUDA center has also become an annual sales of nearly 2

billion yuan The largest polyolefin catalyst production base in China

in the past ten years, the experimental base has always been aiming at the industrialization of high-tech achievements, giving full play to the overall advantages of talent and technology of Beihua academy, and constantly carrying out scientific and technological innovation. It has successively launched polypropylene N catalyst, DQ spherical catalyst

agent, ng catalyst and complexing agent Π Type catalyst; Polyethylene BCG, BCH, BCS catalysts and CT, CM catalysts, carbon

2, carbon 3 hydrogenation catalysts benzene, CIS phenol catalysts, flame retardant resins in the field of plastic processing, PPR pipes, nano

rubber and water treatment agents and other series of products, and quickly realized industrialization, meeting the needs of petrochemical enterprises to upgrade catalysts,

replace imports, reduce costs and realize localization. Polyolefin catalyst alone has reduced the cost of domestic enterprises by more than 800million yuan. At the end of 2002, the market share of polypropylene high-efficiency catalyst produced by AUDA center exceeded

50%, ranking first in China. Polyethylene BCH catalyst and polypropylene DQ catalyst have entered Thailand, Malaysia, Asia, Indonesia and other markets; Realized batch export. The selective hydrogenation catalyst produced by the base also won the second prize of the national science and Technology Progress Award in 2002

For the future development of AUDA center, President Yang said with confidence that building a world-class polyolefin catalyst production enterprise with international competitiveness is the next development goal of the center. By 2010; The production capacity of the polyolefin

catalyst device of AODA center is expanded to 80O based on the full study of the impact resistance test requirements in gb3836.1 (2) 010 "explosive environment Part 1: General requirements for equipment" and the actual detection requirements of the prototype submitted for inspection. The efficiency is slightly reduced by t/a, and the sales revenue should be more than 500 million yuan. By then, AODA Zhongxin will become the second largest manufacturer of polyolefin catalysts in the world

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