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The situation of UAV Power Patrol inspection has been determined, and the potential of universal industrial UAV is huge.

original title: the situation of UAV Power Patrol inspection has been determined, and the application of universal industrial UAV with great potential in aerial photography, express delivery and other fields is more and more.

original title: the situation of UAV Power Patrol inspection has been determined, The high-performance plastics and composite materials of Puzhou industrial Lansheng make it possible to design some components. The UAV industry has great potential.

the application of UAV in aerial photography, express delivery and other fields is more and more popular, and the application in traditional industries is also concerned by more and more people. For example, in the past, power patrol inspection was dominated by manpower and assisted by machines. The traditional manual route inspection method also has many shortcomings, such as non intuitive data, low accuracy, low reuse, high operation intensity, long operation cycle, and difficult to work in areas with complex terrain. Today, the power line inspection industry has ushered in a "hot money" - UAV power inspection with functional load

the current power line patrol has gradually changed from "fighting alone" of manual patrol inspection to a situation in which UAV patrol inspection, manual patrol inspection and manned helicopter patrol inspection are carried out in coordination. Due to many limitations of manned helicopters, the combination of UAV power line patrol and manual line patrol has become a major trend in the power industry. According to the previous report, at present, the state power and Nanfang power companies have basically completed the pilot and summary of UAV power inspection, and this work has entered a golden period of development

with the continuous attempts of Nanfang power and national household appliances in the UAV power patrol line, it is becoming more and more prosperous. In China, where power transmission lines have long ranked first in the world, the incremental role of UAVs has evolved from building blocks to mainstays. In the application of UAV in the power industry, our flying alliance platform industrial UAV has been strongly launched and is developing in the direction of "efficient operation". Especially when the flying alliance UAV is equipped with various intelligent loads, such as 800x600 infrared thermal imager, 4K ultra high definition PTZ, 30x variable magnification visible PTZ and other special functional loads, it is bound to play a more important role

background of power patrol inspection of industrial UAVs on the universal flying alliance platform

in the market, industrial UAVs are generally too large in size (large wheelbase above 700mm), heavy in weight and poor in folding. However, light industrial UAVs with wheelbase below 700mm are mounted, which has boosted the mentality of businesses. They are single fixed, weak in replaceability, insufficient in comprehensive sensor capability, limited in image transmission distance and shooting quality Lack of data analysis and intelligent processing capacity and other shortcomings, software interface opening and platform based comprehensive opening are even weaker. While the universal flying alliance platform industrial UAV is small in size, light in weight, easy to carry and full load, it not only solves the disadvantages of industrial UAV, but also makes the finishing point for UAV power inspection

the universal flying alliance platform industrial UAV adopts an intelligent UAV platform system integrating software and hardware. Qualcomm Xiaolong series processors fully integrate various functions such as flight control, image, vision and communication, fully open various software and hardware interfaces and protocols of UAV products, modular intelligent mission load system, and can freely carry 4K fixed focus PTZ, infrared camera, 30, which can directly replace x-zoom visible PTZ on mass production mold Function loads such as pager and searchlight, and the image transmission distance is up to 10km, so you have the ability of rapid research and development and mass production. In addition, the Puzhou flying alliance platform can create your own exclusive model, which can be effectively applied to various industries and solve user pain points, so that you can have a customized high-performance industrial UAV with your own brand within two weeks! The universal flying alliance platform will also bring a new scene to the UAV industry

according to the data, in the traditional manual patrol inspection scenario, the patrol inspection of every 100km transmission line takes about 160 man hours. This data means that if you want to complete the patrol inspection of 100km transmission line in one working day, at least 20 line patrol inspectors are required, and the low efficiency is obvious. Moreover, when the patrol inspectors inspect the poles, high-voltage conductors, disconnectors, iron towers, insulators, transformers, etc., they need to carry a large amount of data, which not only affects the work intensity of the patrol inspectors, but also causes inconvenience in the follow-up data collection, analysis and processing. For the line patrol personnel, the hidden dangers of line patrol work can not be ignored. They have to face the reality that many high-voltage transmission lines are erected in high mountains and even deep mountains and forests

while using the universal flying alliance platform industrial UAV to carry special functional loads for power inspection will improve the inspection efficiency by times, especially carrying infrared thermal imaging equipment, 800 × With high resolution, 50Hz frame rate, high temperature measurement of - 20 ℃ ~150 ℃, high thermal sensitivity, NETD (noise equivalent temperature difference) ≤ 30mk, it is absolutely the "leader" in infrared thermal imaging. The combination of strong and strong forces makes the combat efficiency higher. The flying alliance platform UAV is only A4 paper size, which is very easy to carry. In the real sense, it is "do as you say". Compared with other similar products, the universal flying alliance platform UAV can make the fastest preparation for the battle in the shortest time. It is light loaded. The UAV operates more rapidly and has higher safety in the process of experiment

power inspection solution for the industrial UAV of the universal flying alliance platform

1. Analysis of the current situation of power line inspection

power lines are widely distributed and the environment is relatively bad. In addition, various complex lines and tower components are exposed to the outside for a long time, exposed to the sun and rain, lightning flash and lightning, which will cause corrosion, wear, self explosion and other damage. If these problems are not found and eliminated in time, It will bring great hidden dangers to the stable operation of power lines. However, the traditional manual power line patrol often has many problems, such as too many people, heavy workload, low efficiency, low accuracy, non intuitive data, low degree of reuse, and difficult manual operation in areas with complex terrain. The industrial UAV can greatly improve the work efficiency with the help of manual line patrol, and it is equipped with visible light and infrared thermal imaging PTZ, It can take pictures of power lines, tower components and other information, and analyze the hidden dangers of line faults. It can be said that UAV with artificial power line patrol is the most advanced and technically advanced line maintenance method at present, and its practicality is also the highest

2. Patrol inspection contents of universal flying alliance platform industrial UAV

1 Normal patrol inspection: patrol inspection of the line according to a certain period, including patrol inspection of line equipment and line protection areas

2. Fault patrol inspection: the line patrol inspection organized by the operation unit to find out the line fault point, fault cause and fault condition

3. Special patrol inspection: patrol inspection of transmission lines according to specific needs, such as acceptance before new lines are put into operation

4. Route planning: according to the operation needs, take the UAV gps/glonass dual-mode positioning data as the air control point, realize the man-machine integration operation through automatic or manual control, and realize the automatic flight plan as required

5. Data acquisition: collect data on the power line and surrounding equipment environment as required, and analyze and process the high-precision image of infrared thermal image

6. Intelligent processing and military anti-jamming: the military frequency hopping anti-jamming technology can enhance the remote control and telemetry distance, and then the data and images collected by the camera PTZ carried by the UAV can be intelligently processed and analyzed to provide users with high-definition images and data with stable quality

(1) power line inspection (routine, fault and special power line inspection)

(2) line details amplification processing

(3) special inspection of power tower

3. The project advantages of universal flying alliance platform UAV + infrared thermal image PTZ

according to the relevant data of State Grid, in 2017, UAVs inspected more than 210000 towers and found more than 50000 defects. Based on the diversified market demand for electric power line inspection, the prospect of universal flying alliance platform electric power inspection UAV + infrared thermal image is more and more broad. The application of thermal imaging PTZ in the field of power line inspection can not only realize the inspection of power transmission lines, but also assist in foreign matter treatment, line erection, etc., which can give play to more powerful technical advantages. According to relevant data and image data, UAV technology can play a key role in observing the operation of transmission line equipment, greatly reducing the workload of power employees, and the efficiency of operation is dozens of times higher than that of manual inspection

the Puzhou FeiMeng platform is equipped with a high-resolution infrared thermal image pan tilt (800x600) which can accurately capture monitoring images, quickly obtain high-precision information and image transmission data, and timely capture high-resolution digital images. It can not only survey, inspect and maintain existing power lines, but also realize dangerous point troubleshooting, fault patrol, special patrol, line asset management, and various professional data and technical analysis, Its operation mode and technical mode are also beyond the reach of non-traditional workers' power line patrol, and its main applications are as follows:

infrared thermal image power line troubleshooting

4. The universal flying alliance platform power patrol UAV + military frequency hopping anti-interference and intelligent processing

here is a supplementary description of the military frequency hopping anti-interference technology of the universal flying alliance platform, which comes from military applications. Universal has many years of military background and military technical support, This technology has strong anti-interference. In complex environments, the image transmission distance and image transmission quality are significantly higher than other traditional wireless data transmission technologies. It has higher confidentiality, high spectrum efficiency, and excellent compatibility. While providing users with high-quality, clear and stable images, it is also conducive to the later application expansion and more intelligent processing functions of the UAV system

summary and outlook

Puzhou has fully independently developed infrared thermal imaging technology, which is combined with the flying alliance platform industrial UAV, and has irreplaceable advantages of visible PTZ in the night, dense fog, dust and other harsh environments. The development and application of thermal imaging has undoubtedly become the strongest help for UAV power inspection, and also brings new contributions and cognition to power inspection. In the future, power patrol inspection will develop towards a more intelligent trend, and infrared thermal imaging detectors with stable and excellent performance and miniaturized temperature measurement and storage modules for UAV mounting will become the key. Universal flying alliance platform + infrared thermal imaging PTZ will play a more important role in the field of power application for good "machine" friends! (author: zhouluonan)

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