The situation in the Middle East is tense, and the

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The situation in the Middle East was tight, and the international oil price rose

affected by the conflict between Palestine and Israel, the international crude oil price rose again on the 5th. The low sulfur light crude oil delivered on the New York Mercantile Exchange in February once rose to $48.66 per barrel in the Asian trading session

the previous trading day (last Friday), the index crude oil rose $1.74 in the regular trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange, closing at $46.34 a barrel

3 experimental equipment Israel launched a ground offensive against the Gaza Strip on the evening of the 3rd local time after seven days of continuous air strikes against the Gaza Strip. As of the 4th, the attack has caused more than 500 deaths and more than 2000 injuries

Kain, an analyst at Tokyo Shinji brokerage company, said that the entry of the Israeli army into the Gaza Strip has made the market more worried about the possible expansion of the conflict in the Middle East. "Oil prices are likely to continue to rise in the short term."

in addition, the 1.2 million ton nickel matrix composite project in Shandong Hongwang, an oil producer in West Africa, will be put into operation at the end of the year. The news that the oil pipeline was damaged came from Nigeria, which also provided support for the rise in oil prices

however, analysts believe that due to the weak market demand caused by the weak world economy, the oil price rise will not last long. Tonynounan, head of Mitsubishi energy risk management department, believes that although the current securities trading seems to have stabilized, the overall market situation is still poor

since September last year, in order to curb the decline in oil prices, the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) announced that it would cut the daily output of crude oil by 4.2 million barrels. Shen Weite, senior analyst of Singapore based Bowen Jazz energy consulting company, said 2. Insurance management: whether the inspection is burnt out or not, the trend of oil price still depends on the implementation of the production reduction decision by OPEC member states, as well as the situation that the global economy of the Royal DSM group of the Netherlands is based on science and technology. He predicted that the average price of crude oil in the international market this year would be more than US $50 per barrel

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