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Yunzhixun's six communication functions solve the management problems of second-hand housing intermediary platforms

different from the sales of newly opened buildings, the second-hand housing transaction market often faces more communication needs. Real estate intermediary enterprises face the communication needs of owners, buyers and sales staff. They should not only improve the service quality, but also strengthen the enterprise management efficiency. Therefore, Yunzhixun, the leading cloud communication PAAS platform in China, has created a complete communication solution for second-hand housing transactions with complex processes, helping the second-hand housing platform to solve the communication pain points in real transactions

how to prevent information leakage? There are difficulties in intermediary platforms.

in the traditional communication scenario, as long as you participate in the purchase and sale of houses, it is the general trend to replace steel with new materials, and the registration number is a necessary procedure. However, after the real estate intermediary directly assigns the customer number to the salesperson, it loses the initiative, causing subsequent problems and bringing bad experience to customers, It also destroys the good reputation that the enterprise has built with great difficulty. Under normal circumstances, second-hand housing transactions face the following six communication problems:

a. there is no unified logo for outbound calls, and the cost of two-way toll calls is high, leading customers to question the professionalism of the platform

b. the owner's information is leaked internally, and different salespeople are used to grabbing orders

c. the buyer and seller's information is leaked externally, and a platform is registered, and the world knows that they want to buy and sell houses

d. in addition to receiving harassment after information registration, Unable to know the progress of the transaction

e. there is no voucher for the exchange, which is prone to transaction disputes

f. the use is inconvenient to manage, and the loss of sales personnel directly takes away the customers

the success of the second-hand housing transaction depends entirely on the sales ability. Once the customers are lost, the company cannot know which link has gone wrong. When the era of data is coming, the primary task of refined management is to determine the problem, and then a targeted solution can be made. For the communication problems existing in the second-hand housing transaction, yunzhixun provides different products and solutions to ensure that the privacy of customers is not leaked during the communication, and improve the professional service level of the platform, so as to provide solid communication data support for the development and growth of enterprises

yunzhixun cloud communication platform: protect privacy, unified image, traceable and easy to manage

yunzhixun second-hand housing transaction communication solution uses different product combinations according to the communication needs and time points required in the second-hand housing transaction process, so as to solve the communication management problem with a communication depth of not less than 30cm in the whole process

either the customer service center or the marketing center can use the yunzhixun cloud call center, and use the Internet voice call for data verification and notification. While displaying the unified number, it greatly reduces the call cost. After the two sides reach an agreement on the information, they can also automatically set up SMS or voice notification to let the homeowner or the buyer know the process and status of the housing transaction

the UV paint (UV curable paint) used by offline makes the shell more scratch resistant. When the salesperson contacts with the homeowner or house buyer, they use the yunzhixun hidden number call scheme. Both parties will send a dedicated virtual number for communication during the transaction, which will not reveal the customer's real number, but also avoid the salesperson's information sharing. They will disclose the customer's information at will to truly achieve high-quality service, You can find the designated salesperson with one click by using the click call on the app. At the same time, the platform can also select the cloud to automatically synchronize the recording, so as to track whether there are communication defects in the sales process and optimize them later

once the transaction is concluded or ended, the platform can terminate the use of the exclusive virtual number at any time. The salesperson will no longer contact the customer through this number, so as to maximize the protection of the privacy of both parties to the transaction, help the second-hand housing platform improve the service quality and win the market reputation

yunzhixun proposes a complete solution for second-hand housing. The intermediary platform for second-hand housing can choose the entry point and service scope of the cloud communication module according to its own situation. It can not only use the angular strength experimental machine throughout the process, but also focus on the weak links of communication according to its own characteristics, so that the intermediary platform can protect customers' privacy, establish a unified image, and manage employees conveniently, Reduce communication costs and other management requirements

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