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The sixth high level forum of China foundry industry was held in Suzhou. On April 7, the "sixth high level forum of China foundry industry" hosted by China Foundry Industry Association was held in the Great Hall of the people in Suzhou. The conference was chaired by ZhangLiBo, executive vice president and Secretary General of China Foundry Industry Association. On April 7, the "sixth high level forum of China foundry industry" hosted by China Foundry Industry Association was held at the Great Hall of the people in Suzhou. The conference was presided over by ZhangLiBo, executive vice president and Secretary General of China Foundry Industry Association. More than 600 casting industry experts, entrepreneurs, representatives of colleges and universities, scientific research institutes and other units from all over the country attended the meeting

the theme of this forum is "society and sustainable development", which aims to create a consistent concept and innovative action mode; Strengthen the enterprise's action in fulfilling the social responsibility; Build an exchange platform to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in fulfilling the social responsibilities; Promote the sustainable development of China's foundry industry, put social ideas into concrete actions, and form a consensus

implement green casting

xuelinghu, President of China Foundry Association, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the Forum: "Today, colleagues from China's foundry industry gather in Suzhou to discuss' the key period and power of economic transformation '. It is of great practical significance. At present, the world economy is in a complex and volatile environment, and the deep-seated impact of the international financial crisis still exists. Global climate change and the requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction have posed severe challenges to the transformation of the development mode of the foundry industry, and all sectors of society have increasingly expected foundry enterprises to fulfill their social expectations The higher. "

he pointed out that the active implementation of society by enterprises is an important measure to implement the spirit of the 18th National Congress and the two sessions, implement the "12th Five Year" development plan of the foundry industry, realize green casting and build a harmonious society. It is also an effective way to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. It is not only the need of self-development for enterprises to attach importance to and promote the society, but also the embodiment of the harmonious development of economy, society and environment. Only by serving the overall situation of sustainable economic and social development can an enterprise have a broader space for its own survival and development, be responsible for the stakeholders - society and environment in the whole process of operation, and pursue the maximization of the comprehensive value of economy, society and environment. By serving the society and returning to the society, and by establishing a good social reputation and social influence, we can win a broader space for development and promote the healthy and sustainable development of enterprises

shoulder the important task of the times

after decades of development, especially in the past 10 years, China's casting industry has made remarkable achievements. In 2012, China's casting output reached 42.5 million tons, accounting for 44% of the world's output, ranking first in the world for 12 consecutive years

since the reform and opening up, with the deepening of market economy, foundry enterprises have made great progress in maintaining market rules, undertaking social responsibilities, and being enthusiastic about social welfare. Both state-owned and private enterprises are standing at the height of shouldering the times, constantly innovating, practicing their internal skills, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of China's foundry industry; It has played an important role in promoting green casting and building ecological civilization. However, in some aspects, there are also phenomena that go against the enterprise society, such as the bad phenomenon of lack of credit such as individual enterprises manufacturing fake and inferior products and vicious competition at low prices, disrupting market order, infringing intellectual property rights, overcapacity and environmental pollution, etc..

the central economic work conference pointed out that, "The international economic situation in 2013 is still complicated and full of variables. The low-speed growth trend of the world economy will continue. Protectionism in various forms will obviously rise, and the pressure of potential inflation and asset foam will increase. The deterioration of the international economic situation will continue to increase, and the difficulties facing our export-oriented economy will further increase." Therefore, in the process of China's economic transformation, a large number of backward production capacity must be eliminated, even at the expense of some economic growth rate. In other words, a large number of low-tech enterprises or sweatshops are bound to shrink day by day, that is, business contraction, profit decline or even bankruptcy and closure. This requires that China's foundry industry must take industrial upgrading and scientific and technological progress as the main means to walk out of its own unique road of rise

this forum can play an important role in guiding and promoting foundry enterprises in building competitiveness and strengthening their action in the social field. Stimulate people's thinking and cognition of society from the perspective of concept and morality, promote casting enterprises to integrate the profound internal relationship between social concept and sustainable development into enterprise strategic thinking, and realize the effective integration of society and enterprise management. It can set off a climax of implementing the corporate society in the whole industry, and achieve the purpose of promoting the deepening of the corporate social concept, the improvement of the corporate social system in the foundry industry, and the improvement of the management level of foundry enterprises

fulfilling society

since the United Nations put forward and launched the "Global Compact" plan in 1999, more and more enterprises have begun to attach importance to and practice corporate society. Many countries and regional organizations around the world have also integrated society into national development strategies. In the world, 36 countries have transformed ISO26000 social standards into national standards, promoting the development of enterprise society in the direction of standardization and regionalization

since its establishment, the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council has continuously promoted the central enterprises to fulfill the social responsibility. Last year, a two-year management improvement activity was launched, which listed social management as an important improvement project, and issued the guidance on central enterprises' social performance. At the national working conference of the Secretary General of the foundry industry held in Xinjiang, China Foundry Industry Association issued an initiative and committed itself to promoting the National Foundry Enterprises to strengthen the social concept, carrying out corporate social research projects, actively organizing experts to participate in the preparation of corporate social index system and evaluation standards, and striving to practice the society. A number of typical demonstration enterprises emerged: FAW Foundry Co., Ltd., Sinosteel Xingtai mechanical roll Co., Ltd Shanghai Honggang power station equipment casting and Forging Co., Ltd., Sichuan Deyang Dongqi power station Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Ningxia Sharing Group Co., Ltd., Jinan Shengquan Group Co., Ltd., Wuhan Wuzhong casting and Forging Co., Ltd., Weichai Power (Weifang) casting and Forging Co., Ltd., Ningbo Riyue Group Co., Ltd. and Yantai resort Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd

these enterprises continue to strengthen the social concept and integrate it into the sustainable development enterprise strategy, governance and daily operation. Because PGA has suitable degradability, good initial mechanical properties and biological activity, it has realized the effective integration of society and enterprise management. They have demonstrated the brand-new features of Chinese foundry enterprises with their modern, intelligent and digitalized world-class production lines and their outstanding achievements in scientific and technological innovation, standardized management, green environmental protection, high quality, high efficiency and sustainable development. They have made interpretations on how enterprises perform the social responsibility from different perspectives through successful practices. Sunfeng, general manager of FAW Foundry Co., Ltd., read out the proposal on behalf of Green Foundry Enterprises: "let's join hands, shoulder to shoulder, act immediately, start from me, start from now on, 'unite strength in harmony and achieve dreams'"

at this high level forum, Fengfei, director of the industrial economy research department of the development research center of the State Council, made a wonderful report on China's macroeconomic situation and the focus and direction of industrial structure adjustment under the new situation. The forum also invited senior scholars and experts from the foundry industry to analyze the technological development trend of the foundry industry for the delegates, deeply analyzed the strategic objectives of social and sustainable development of China's foundry enterprises, explained the key and cutting-edge technologies of the foundry industry, and discussed the concept of digital and Green Foundry construction

jiachengbing, former chairman of the supervisory board of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, special adviser of the China Machinery Industry Federation and honorary chairman of the China Foundry Association, jiangyongzheng, lifetime honorary chairman of the Hong Kong Die Casting Machine Foundry Association, and Dr. Penghong, special adviser of the Hong Kong Productivity Council, Lvying, the Deputy Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, and other leaders attended the meeting at the speed specified in gb/t228 (2) 002. In addition, leaders of Panshi City, Jilin Mingcheng Economic Development Zone, Ningguo City, Anhui Province, Maanshan economic and Information Commission, Jiahe County, Hunan Province, Benxi Manchu Autonomous County, Liaoning Province, Chaoyang development and Reform Commission, Botou City, Hebei Province, Nantong high tech Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, Jiaokou County, Qingxu County, Jiaocheng County, Shanxi Province and other local government departments also led a delegation to attend the meeting

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