Little daughter-in-law 40000 clothes luxury 3 room

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Can 40000 also pretend to be luxurious? You are not mistaken. The case that Xiaobian brought to you today is a decoration effect picture full of modern luxury, which was decorated by a post-80s daughter-in-law with only 40000 and a half bags, killing countless designers. Let's have a look

[decoration house type]: 3 rooms and 2 halls

[decoration style]: modern luxury

[decoration area]: 131 square meters

[decoration budget]: a half package of 40000 ~ (self-care of main materials)

[decoration company] participated in the decoration bidding

next, let's show you what our small home, which has been decorated for nearly a year, looks like! Black and white simple living room

living room, a corner of soft sofa

looking at the dining room from the living room

on the right side of the door is the kitchen. In order to look good, the wall was demolished and made into an open type, or to look good, the cupboard and the dining room outside were made into a whole, that is, the bar (the table where my family eats), the standing cabinet, the cupboard and the hanging cabinet. The lights on the bar are also bought on Taobao, as well as table flags and tissue boxes on the table, open kitchen and restaurant




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