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It was noon, and it was the hottest time of the day in Danyang. Master Wang of simi cabinet was shuttling through the busy streets. Sweat slowly penetrated his red work clothes. The traffic was busy, leaving only his tinkling bell

in hot summer, the ancient city of Danyang gradually wakes up with the movement of the sun. Master Wang had just finished installing cabinets for Mr. Ye Chuang of riverside Phoenix City and had a quick lunch. Then he rode the battery car that had been with him for a long time to the development zone to serve another owner in hengdaming

it was noon, which was the hottest time of the day in Danyang. Master Wang was shuttling through the busy streets, and sweat slowly penetrated his red work clothes. The traffic was busy, leaving only his tinkling bell

at more than 1 p.m., Master Wang was skillfully operating his best installation work, when suddenly the phone rang It was a call from Mr. Zhang, a customer in the morning. Mr. Zhang hired a gas installation master, but there was a problem in the pipe installation, which the gas master could not solve. He thought of Master Wang again. Without saying a word, Master Wang finished the work that didn't belong to him. After finishing the work at hand, he rode the battery car to Mr. Zhang's home

who is master Wang? He is the chief installer of simi cabinets in Danyang - Master Wang Dong

Master Wang Dong

for the requirements of customers who do not belong to their own work, Master Wang just said simply and honestly: as a Simi installer, it is necessary to cooperate with the owner

in fact, Master Wang is not young. He has been engaged in wardrobe installation for 5 years and cabinet installation for 10 years. In the customization industry, he belongs to an experienced old installer. He is usually honest and sincere, and works very carefully, so his colleagues and customers affectionately call him master Wang. Over the years, with rich installation experience, good communication skills and service awareness, Xiao Wang has often been highly praised by owners and store designers and home consultants. In the professional skills training organized by the company, Master Wang also achieved excellent results without pressure

Master Wang has a strong bar

when installing cabinets, they all want to find Master Wang

for installation details, Master Wang has his own way of doing things. His work strives to be perfect. At the customer's installation site, he pays great attention to the installation details. When the wall surface and ground of the owner are flat beyond the normal range, he still patiently seeks the most perfect installation method. After each set is installed, he will carefully check it, and timely give professional guidance to the designer of the store when encountering some unexpected problems

Master Wang's seriousness has won unanimous praise from the owners and colleagues, but he always feels that it is not enough. He believes that he needs to continue to improve and learn from some more experienced people

Master Wang is installing

installation details

Master Wang's small "works"

Master Wang's "home" for customers

since the customization industry giant Sofia was introduced to China in 2014 and reached a strategic cooperation, Simi cabinets have developed rapidly in the Chinese market, bringing a different experience of customized cabinets to thousands of Chinese families. The miracle of simi's development cannot be separated from a group of awesome partners behind him. Of course, the simi family, such as the marketing team fighting at the forefront and the late installers like Master Wang, have made more contributions. They have made silent efforts in the front line, successfully brought Simi cabinets into thousands of families in China, and also brought Simi kitchen culture to Chinese consumers

the passionate team of Danyang Simi cabinet

Simi cabinet enters Chinese families

the family works together one thing at a time. In Simi kitchen cabinet, the vast majority of the partners are as dedicated as Master Wang, practicing the service concept of simi kitchen cabinet into practical work, and doing the customer's business as their own. Because for us, customer satisfaction is our greatest affirmation

Simi cabinet, to create a perfect kitchen for you, we have been practicing it

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