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This is a characteristic era, and consumers have a strong need for characteristic goods at the beginning. The convergence of brand characteristics and the narrowing of differentiation have gradually weakened the competitiveness of door and window companies' shopping malls, and also caused the loss of consumers. At that time, characterization was becoming a new consumption concept for everyone, and it was easier for door and window companies to customize the way into shopping malls

features, private or "door and window home trend"

in this era of talking about features, blindly relying on popularization is difficult to meet the needs of customers, and has also become a barrier to the continuous development of some brands. In this case, it has become difficult for brands to match the appetite of most people

terminals need to be branded to carry out shopping malls

recently, brand customization has become a trend quietly. Stars come to the event and don't fight for brands anymore, but for customization. Recently, Xiaobian walked into the building materials mall and saw Guanhao doors and windows with the words "private customization". The size of doors and windows is different, which also determines that they are increasingly asking for private customization of goods. Fitting in with the needs of terminal shopping malls is an important foundation for brands to carry out shopping malls

quality is not a whole body logo, but a self talk

satisfy some consumers' needs with characteristic goods. Niche is becoming a new consumption concept. People are increasingly feeling that quality is not a whole body logo, but a fit for their own characteristics

way segmentation commodity segmentation

the high-speed development of the Internet has diversified everyone's shopping ways, and also made the traditional promotion methods decentralized. Many traditional sales malls have been diverted, and the promotion ways have been weakened. But it is precisely this weakening that promotes the segmentation of shopping malls. The decentralization of promotion not only makes some brands lose their malls, but also makes brands that can use characterization to find new business opportunities based on malls. Win with distinctive characteristics, and get carried out by virtue of their common characteristics

it is no longer just a commodity, but an art.

now the shopping mall has changed from a seller's shopping mall to a buyer's shopping mall. Consumers are not only satisfied with the needs of commodities, so they are not only famous brands, but also pay more attention to whether the brand has characteristics and is suitable for self tasting. Consumers' eyes become "harsh". In the future, if the brand has no characteristics, it will make your customers less and less. If you have characteristics, you will only have some customers. According to Xiaobian, the goods of Guanhao doors and windows can be customized. Besides the door size, the wood raw materials, aluminum alloy window frames and finish paint used in the windows can be selected, so that you can have art instead of goods

throughout the development of foreign brands, aim at a certain group of people, attract customers with distinctive brands, take the road of characterization, and do not fight a price war. With such ability, we can develop new customers together with stable customers




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