Basic steps for purchasing wood flooring

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In principle, whoever buys the wooden floor will be allowed to lay it. Don't find someone to lay it by yourself, so as to avoid shifting responsibility for quality problems in the future and causing unnecessary losses to consumers

when you want to decorate and decide to use wood floors as floor decoration materials, you must choose according to the following steps:

1. Before choosing wood floors, you must first know the level, orientation and area of your residence. It is best to draw a plan for overall planning, specifically allocate the use functions of each room, and then choose wood floors according to local conditions

generally speaking, young people are busy with work and study, so it is impossible to completely meet the requirements of the elderly and children. It is best for the whole family to discuss and reach a consensus to determine the purchase direction of wood flooring

the service performance of the wooden floor should also be considered, whether it is temporary or long-term, and whether it will cause operation and damage to the surrounding buildings during the laying construction

finally, we should consider our own economic ability and budget the decoration cost

2. The types of wood flooring mainly include: solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, solid wood composite flooring, bamboo flooring, etc

to realize, you need to know which kind of wood floor to choose, and then you can have a goal to choose and decide

3. After the species are determined, it is necessary to further determine the species, color, grade, price and specification

4. At present, there are many manufacturers and brands of wood flooring on the market, which are dazzling, and there are three no products everywhere

therefore, it is necessary to know the brand and reputation of wood flooring when purchasing. Try to buy well-known brand flooring

5. Through the investigation and research of the above steps, we have a good understanding of the types, colors, grades, specifications and prices of wood flooring, that is, we have determined the direction of purchasing wood flooring and are ready to pay for it

before purchasing wood flooring, it must be further clarified:

① quality of wood flooring

② laying method

③ warranty commitment

6. The wood flooring supplier issues receipts, and both parties identify the contract, so that the villain is the first and the gentleman is the second

in principle, the wooden floor of the buyer should be laid by the owner. Don't find someone to lay it by yourself, so as to avoid shifting responsibility for quality problems in the future and causing unnecessary losses to consumers

7. Before paving the wooden floor, the floor is sent to the construction site by the manufacturer. The consumer should check and accept whether the quantity, quality, specification, color, grade, etc. of the floor and accessories are consistent with the purchase requirements in time. It is absolutely forbidden to be vague and ambiguous, so as to know well before paving

8. After the quantity and quality of wood floors are approved, determine the laying process and ground treatment requirements, and know well before laying

9. Try to supervise the site, that is, the process of laying, guiding and acceptance

10. After the decoration is completed, carry out the last acceptance and approval, settle the project funds, refund the excess and make up the deficiency. And ask for an after-sales service card

11. Pay attention to the maintenance of the wooden floor. After the wooden floor is laid, it should be maintained for at least 24 hours to make it cemented and solidified, so as not to affect the service life of the wooden floor




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