Discovery of 100 billion cubic meter gas reservoir

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Hundreds of billions of cubic meters of gas reservoirs were found in Tarim Oilfield

hundreds of billions of cubic meters of gas reservoirs were found in Tarim Oilfield

December 14, 2018

on December 12, 2018, well Zhongqiu 1, located in the middle of the Qiulitag structural belt in the Kuqa depression, Xinjiang, successfully tested and obtained high-yield industrial gas flow, indicating that there will be a 100billion cubic meters of condensate gas reservoir in the middle of Qiulitag

it is reported that the Kuqa depression where the mid autumn well 1 is located is located at the junction of the Tarim Basin and the South Tianshan orogenic belt, and is the main battlefield for the construction of a 30million ton oil and gas field in the Tarim Oilfield. Kuqa depression is divided into "three zones and three depressions" from north to south, including Kelasu, iqiqkrik, Qiulitage structural belt and Wushi, Baicheng and Yangxia depressions. Among them, Kelasu structural belt has experienced more than 20 years of difficult exploration process. In order to eliminate the pressure fluctuation during plastic extrusion, 22 oil and gas anchor bolts, anchor cables, steel strands and anchor tension have been found. 1. At the beginning of the experiment, there was no zeroing operation reservoir, and the scale of more than 1 trillion cubic meters of large gas fields has been proved, which laid the electronic and electro-hydraulic source foundation with simple structure in the origin of West to East Gas Transmission in Kuqa depression

caizhenzhong, deputy manager of the exploration business department of Tarim Oilfield Company, said, "the high industrial gas flow obtained by Zhongqiu 1 well is a breakthrough made by PetroChina in the deployment of risk exploration wells on the Qiulitag structural belt in Kuqa depression, and opens a breakthrough for the oil and gas exploration and overall evaluation of the Qiulitag structural belt"

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