Discussion and Analysis on the impact of the decli

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Discussion and Analysis on the impact of the decline in the growth rate of the mold industry

in recent years, China's mold industry has grown at a rate of 20% 1.71 ~ 2.00 per year. It is expected that the national production and sales of China's mold industry will slow down this year, and the growth rate will fall by more than 10%. The answer brought about by the global financial crisis is that the economic development of the former is sluggish. High molecular polymers have the mechanical properties with the widest range of variability among all known materials. About 20% of mold manufacturing enterprises have not been affected or have not been affected yet, and about 40% of enterprises have been affected and greatly affected

the heavy rain in Tianjin attacked the city, and the city became Zeguo. Beijing, which is adjacent to it, lifted the blue warning. The heavy rain seemed to have spirit. On the 21st, the heavy rain hit Beijing, causing heavy losses in Fangshan, Beijing, and causing injuries. After a few days, it seemed as if it had grown legs and feet, ran to neighboring Tianjin, and scattered the rain into the urban area. The average precipitation was 100.2 mm, and some areas reached 195 mm

mold enterprises generally believe that the development speed will further slow down in 2012, but it is generally optimistic. This is an area that cannot be taken. The first place to bear the brunt is the southeast coast, especially the export-oriented enterprises. This shock wave is gradually passing from the southeast coast to the central and western regions. The higher the level of enterprises, the smaller the impact, and the lower the level of enterprises, the greater the impact

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