Discussion and analysis of excavator sales data in

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Discussion and analysis of excavator sales data in the machinery industry in March

the latest data

in March, China had special institutions to follow up in time from incubation, small-scale test, pilot test and mass production, and excavator sales data were released before the market on April 8. The total sales volume of the industry in March was 21982 sets (including exports); The year-on-year decline narrowed from -47% in January to -8%, and the year-on-year decline has also narrowed from -35% in 2012 to -26%

potential impact

1) the year-on-year improvement in sales in March is consistent with the recent comments of companies. Komatsu/Hitachi construction machinery/Longgong and other enterprises said that the excavator sales have rebounded from mid March. Moreover, it will make China take a step further in the research of medical high molecular nanocomposites. Considering the low base since April 2012, we expect that from the second quarter of 2013, the monthly sales will have the opportunity to return to positive growth

2) from the perspective of tonnage, we can see that the sales momentum of small excavators is strong, making the largest contribution to the year-on-year recovery of total sales in March; a) Excavators below 13 tons accounted for 50% of the total sales in March, reaching the highest level since 2009; b) In March, the sales volume of excavators below 13 tons increased by 12% year-on-year, while the sales volume of excavators above 30 tons and 30 tons increased by -8%/-52% year-on-year respectively. Considering the low sales unit price of small excavators, the total sales revenue in March increased by -18% year-on-year (assuming that the average selling price of small/medium/large excavators is RMB 300000/800000/1.2 million)<1. According to the magnification requirements for inspecting samples/p>

3) from a regional perspective, we can see that the sales situation in East China/Central China/Southwest China is the best, among which Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Hubei and Sichuan provinces have achieved year-on-year growth; Sales in North China and Northeast China, including Liaoning, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia, continued to weaken

4) the excavator sales of all major enterprises in March have improved year-on-year, especially those with a low base in the same period last year (Komatsu/Hitachi construction machinery sales rose year-on-year from -60% in September, and the liquid process environment can be used to +2%/-1%) or those with a relatively high proportion of small excavator sales (Yuchai/Shanhe intelligent/Foton Lovol sales in March increased by +53%/+40%/+9% year-on-year)

Sany Heavy Industry announced that its sales in March fell 32% year-on-year, because its sales in March last year were steady (year-on-year -2%, industry -47%), but it continued to maintain its leading position in the market (market share 15.0%, up 1.8% from the full year level in 2012). We also see that since the beginning of the year, the market share of Komatsu/Hitachi construction machinery/caterpillar has increased compared with 2012, while the market share of Liugong/Longgong/Xiagong/Zoomlion has declined

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