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Discussion on the development prospect of titanium dioxide in China in 2013 analysis of solid detection users

due to the increasing integration of the global titanium dioxide industry, with the continuous rise of the economies of emerging countries, their demand for titanium dioxide will also continue to grow; As a country with more exports to emerging economies, China is also the world's largest producer of titanium dioxide, which will benefit

the export places of titanium dioxide in China are relatively scattered. Take 2011 as an example: Turkey accounts for the highest proportion, which is only 9%. Among the top 12 countries, most of them are emerging economies, accounting for about 40% of the total export proportion of a small river passing through villages. There is still potential for further improvement in the future

through the market research of national R & D projects, we believe that the output of China's titanium dioxide industry will still maintain a certain growth rate in the future according to GB8624 ⑵ 012 version. The output will exceed 2million tons in 2013, and reaching 2.5 million tons by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan will be a high probability event. If the global economy starts into the boom cycle in 2014, China's output is expected to reach about 2.8 million tons by 2015

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