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Discussion and Analysis on the development trend of environmental friendly ink industry in 2012

despite the impact of rising raw material costs, declining exports and the global financial crisis, the printing ink industry in the Asia Pacific region maintained a strong growth momentum last year and achieved sales of about $4.5 billion

however, it should also be noted that the high cost of raw materials has seriously affected the profit margins of ink manufacturers around the world, and the Asia Pacific region is certainly no exception. In addition, the ink export volume of the region has also decreased significantly, and the global economic recession will also have an impact on the printing plants in the region

rising crude oil prices squeeze the profit margins of ink manufacturers

the relevant person in charge of Toyo Ink Manufacturing Co., Ltd. said: "The Asia Pacific region has been seriously affected by the global financial crisis, and the entire printing industry has also undergone dramatic changes in 2008. Because most of the springs are the main components used in machinery and vehicles, the Chinese market has been hit by the economic recession in developed countries, and the rapid appreciation of the people's currency has also affected the demand for Chinese printing products in the international market. In addition, the rise in the cost of raw materials in the second half of 2007 is even more dramatic The unrest of the situation was aggravated. At present, India's economic growth has begun to slow down, but the country's printing product market has initially taken shape, and market demand has also increased to a certain extent. "

the head of overseas business of Japanese Edison (DIC) said, "with the growth of GDP, the demand for printing materials and inks in Asia Pacific countries (except Japan and Australia) has also increased to a certain extent, but their export volume has decreased significantly. Due to the sharp rise in crude oil prices, the profit space of ink manufacturers has been squeezed unprecedentedly."

the printing export volume showed a downward trend

relevant people said that under the background of the international financial crisis, the printing industry in Japan and Australia had been affected to a certain extent. The serious economic recession in developed countries has led to a downward trend in the printing exports of many countries in the Asia Pacific region. Indonesia's growth momentum last year was very strong, but since 2009, the country's ink sales have always been testing low repeatability and stagnant

in Asia, printing exports account for a relatively large proportion of the total output value of the printing industry. Therefore, the rapid economic recession in developed countries has brought many small and medium-sized printing enterprises in Asia to the brink of bankruptcy. Even large-scale enterprises have to face the difficulty of unsaturated production lines, he said through analysis

India is a market full of opportunities for ink manufacturers. Sakata company has built a new factory in panoli, India, to produce offset printing ink and gravure printing ink; Edison also plans to build a large-scale offset printing ink manufacturing plant and an adhesive production plant in India

environmentally friendly ink will be a hot spot

even in the case of economic recession, printing ink manufacturers can still achieve growth in some key areas. Globally, packaging and printing is still an area with strong growth

insiders pointed out that the liquid printing ink market in Asia is slightly better than the offset printing ink market. But in Japan, offset printing and liquid ink markets have shown a downward trend

environmental protection is also a hot spot in the Asia Pacific region. As the Asia Pacific region has strengthened the legislation and implementation of environmental regulations, the market demand for environmental friendly inks, such as benzene/ketone free inks, water-based gravure inks and VOC free offset inks, will also increase in the next few years, especially in China. India's packaging ink and adhesive market will also achieve strong growth

some insiders predict that the current international financial crisis will continue until at least the end of 2009. Once the recession ends, China and India, the two most populous countries in the world, will embark on the path of rapid economic development, and the printing ink market in the Asia Pacific region will also usher in a new round of growth peak. However, the high cost of raw materials, especially solvents, and the increasing consolidation of the printing industry will affect the income level of the whole industry. Because of this, the integration within the printing ink industry will also become more active

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