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LUANNAN: the agricultural machinery innovative industrial cluster develops "three moves"

a fully automatic straw curtain machine, which can work continuously for one hour under the joint action of the knitting needle and the pressure pump, and can compile straw curtains of various specifications with a width of 1.2-1.8 meters and a length of 200 meters

"this machine is very convenient. If our factory wants to weave such a large straw curtain, it needs at least 12 people. This machine only needs fourorfive operators, and all the straw curtain weaving processes are completed." Mr. Cao is the boss of a straw curtain knitting factory in LUANNAN COUNTY, Tangshan City, Hebei Province. When he saw that the straw curtain quickly woven by the straw curtain knitting machine was thick and time-saving, which completely changed the time-consuming and laborious situation of straw curtain weaving, he immediately decided to buy one and return to the factory for use

the "unexpected" invention of the automatic straw curtain knitting machine has led to the rise of a seemingly insignificant industry. The close combination of agricultural machinery and scientific and technological innovation has created a dynamic agricultural machinery innovative industrial cluster in LUANNAN COUNTY

in the Xicheng Industrial Zone of LUANNAN COUNTY, the manufacturing of sowing, planting and harvesting agricultural machinery of Hebei Hongtian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is in full swing. The types of automatic balers, green forage harvesters and other products of Tangshan xinwanda Industrial Co., Ltd. are constantly enriched. The research, manufacturing and design of full-automatic straw curtain machines of Wansheng Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. are under intense development. Small automatic rotary cultivators of Yifa hehe Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd The manufacturing and development of high-power tractors are in mass production, and the cutting tools and automatic hardware tools of Toyota Hardware Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd. are in large-scale production. In LUANNAN COUNTY agricultural machinery innovative industrial cluster, these five agricultural machinery enterprises with different characteristics not only solved the employment problem of 500 people, but also formed a large-scale agricultural machinery production and manufacturing cluster with an annual output value of about 200million yuan

in recent years, relying on the strong foundation of agricultural machinery manufacturing industry, LUANNAN COUNTY has planned to build a modern agricultural machinery industry cluster covering an area of 300 mu, with a total investment of 550million yuan. It has actively supported enterprises to establish cooperative relations with relevant national departments and scientific research institutes inside and outside the Province, and has extensive cooperation with relevant units in technology research and development, outsourcing processing, automation control, etc. Today, this cluster has produced more than 3000 agricultural machinery products of all kinds throughout the year, undertaken 2 Science and technology projects above the provincial level, and 3 science and technology projects at the municipal level are well known to many users because of its simplicity. The construction of this industrial cluster has effectively promoted the transformation and upgrading of the traditional agricultural machinery manufacturing industry

scientific and technological innovation stimulates the vitality of agricultural machinery manufacturing

"the innovative industrial cluster of agricultural machinery has provided a platform for more than a dozen small agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises in the county to start a second business; the variety of agricultural machinery products is complete, and the level of modern equipment is high, forming a complete mechanized industrial chain from 'sowing tillage harvesting storage' to a certain extent." Fengshunfu, director of LUANNAN COUNTY science and Technology Bureau, said that the county is focusing on agricultural machinery innovative industrial clusters, striving to cultivate agricultural machinery science and technology innovative enterprises to develop new products, creating a year-on-year increase of 174.17%; The net profit is 12.74 million yuan, which is a new mode of modern agricultural machinery manufacturing from enterprise development to technological development and finally to scientific and technological innovation

in recent years, led by scientific and technological innovation, LUANNAN COUNTY has actively changed its mode and structure, aimed at the development direction of agricultural machinery manufacturing industry, vigorously promoted the development of innovative industrial clusters of agricultural machinery, gradually established an industrial system for agricultural machinery scientific and technological innovation and development that integrates scientific research and development, independent manufacturing, key component manufacturing, complete equipment supply, and technical services, and promoted the independent innovation platform of agricultural machinery industry New product development and transformation of technical achievements

Incubation Platform accumulates the driving force for the development of agricultural machinery

Feng Shunfu believes that doing a good job in industrial guidance and avoiding the emergence of homogeneous competition is the key to science and technology incubation and product manufacturing. In this agricultural machinery industry cluster, the industrial positioning of each enterprise has been established since the beginning of construction, forming an industrial atmosphere of both competition and cooperation, making the division of labor more professional and refined, reducing costs and accelerating the pace of technological innovation, The rapid development of China's extruder market has effectively improved the competitiveness of industries in the region. Yulian group adheres to integrity-based

Li Xueyong, general manager of Tangshan xinwanda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., said, "the cultivation and reserve of talents are the internal driving force for the innovation and development of agricultural machinery science and technology. Only by continuously absorbing excellent talents and joining our entrepreneurial team can we continuously incubate new technologies and create new products." His enterprise can grow step by step, which is inseparable from the cultivation of talent team. From the original R & D team of less than 10 people, it has expanded to more than 20 R & D teams with master's and bachelor's degrees. Talent team has become a powerful driving force for the development of agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprise incubation platform

in order to fully build the incubation platform for scientific and technological agricultural machinery enterprises, give full play to the role of cluster management institutions, and build an industry public information platform, LUANNAN COUNTY science and Technology Bureau has also established an information technology service platform for characteristic manufacturing industry clusters, providing product research and development, testing and quality certification, information technology support, education and training, e-commerce and other services. It plays a role of bridge and link in coordinating enterprise relations, carries out targeted investment promotion, and actively introduces excellent agricultural machinery enterprises to the agricultural machinery industry cluster in LUANNAN COUNTY. We will promote similar enterprises and production factors to gather in advantageous undertaking carriers, form large-scale industrial clusters, lay a new industrial base that refines professional division of labor, makes efficient use of resources, gives full play to the supporting role of public services, and creates the best economic benefits

now, according to the overall development strategy of "leading enterprises + industrial parks + agricultural machinery market + Agricultural Machinery Exhibition", the agricultural machinery industry in LUANNAN COUNTY has gradually achieved the development goal of agricultural machinery industry with regional characteristics from elite to strong, from strong to large, and actively encouraged enterprises with good development momentum to establish a modern enterprise system and become bigger and stronger step by step

transformation of achievements to expand the scale of agricultural machinery industry

"this fully automatic straw curtain knitting machine is made by me using the principle of loom. This machine has also emerged in CCTV's" I love invention "program!" Yangzhigang, general manager of LUANNAN Wansheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., said happily that his products can effectively improve the weaving efficiency of straw curtains. Since he became a member of CCTV, there has been an endless stream of merchants of consulting machines all over the country. Next, he will continue to improve the functions of products and strive to convert the design results into real products and put them into the market as soon as possible

it is understood that in LUANNAN agricultural machinery innovative industrial cluster, many enterprises are transforming agricultural machinery achievements into products that meet market demand. At present, these agricultural machinery industry clusters have 38 national patents. Among them, the jujube automatic seeder developed by Yongfa Hongtian fills the gap in the mechanization of jujube planting in China. The cotton water-saving mulching film rotary seeder and water-saving precision full film mulching hole seeder are the first in China. The products of the park sell well all over the country, and some products are exported to Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia, North and South America and other countries and regions. Tangshan xinwanda Industrial Co., Ltd. used five years to take the development path of independent research and development, and the scale of the enterprise expanded 100 times in five years, creating a miracle of the development of the real economy

at the same time, LUANNAN COUNTY has also made great efforts to build a supporting collaborative design system, which can enable supporting enterprises to make full use of various existing resources to serve supporting enterprises

look at the rising sun and listen to the ebb and flow of the tide. The agricultural machinery innovative industrial cluster in LUANNAN COUNTY, Tangshan City, Hebei Province has begun to take shape. The grafting of science and technology and agricultural machinery has made this industry full of vitality

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