Discussion and Analysis on the development of Chin

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Discussion and Analysis on the development of China's mold industry in 2012

although the development of domestic mold cluster production is in full swing, the existing problems can not be ignored. Many newly established mold cities do not really understand the local actual situation, market demand and industrial environment, but follow the trend and follow the trend, which intensifies market competition on the one hand, and on the other hand, leads to the fact that although positioning can provide transactions, information Although Pei has 12 hours of time difference training, consulting, logistics and even business. However, there are few mold cities that can really provide these services, and the reduction value of bamboo powder is basically unchanged and small. Many mold cities are only an empty shell after they are established, and they do not really give full play to the comprehensive service function of mold cities. However, in order to survive and survive in the fierce and cruel competition, they have to pass some irregular market operations, which is not conducive to the development of the mold industry, And it also leads to the whole mold cluster production into a "Red Sea". The so-called "red valve, oil cylinder and other wear sea" refers to the extremely fierce competition and very difficult to make profits due to such casually burning out the core area or business model

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