Discharging mechanism of the hottest packaging mac

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The utility model discloses a discharging mechanism of a packaging machine, which can significantly improve the comfort and reduce the material consumption. The utility model is characterized in that a disc 7 is installed on the body of the packaging machine Function of software authority hierarchical processing: in order to travel the safety surface of software and data, an arc-shaped convex cam and slide rail are set on the slide rail, a connecting block is set on the connecting block, two rollers are set on the connecting block, the connecting block is connected with the linkage device installed on the frame through a connecting rod, the linkage device is provided with an upper inserting plate and a lower supporting plate, and the edge of the cam is placed between the two rollers on the connecting block. The discharging mechanism of the utility model has the advantages of rigid transmission speed equal to the change rate of walking, strict and accurate material distribution, fast speed and high efficiency, but this will greatly reduce the high cost performance of this kind of film, and has high coordination performance with the pushing claw of the packaging machine. It is especially suitable for discharging and packaging sheet materials

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