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Discussion and Analysis on the improvement of China's hardware tool industry planning

China's hardware tools are widely used in various fields such as geological exploration, stone, machinery, automobile and national defense industry. The manufacturing process level of grinding tools, geological drills and stone sawing tools for machining has been greatly improved, and the products have been serialized and standardized, with complete varieties and specifications, and stable product quality, Some products have certain competitiveness in the international market. Various diamond tools have also been widely used in various industries and achieved remarkable economic benefits. However, as far as the whole diamond tool industry is concerned, it is still necessary to improve the industrial planning, expand the application fields and create international brands

1. Industrial planning: strengthen the management of automatic shutdown and regulation after the completion of macro experiments

due to blind development, the production layout of hardware tools, especially diamond tools, appears scattered and disorderly, blooming everywhere, the production enterprises are generally small, the production is not centralized, the process technology is poor, lack of market competitiveness, the product quality of the tool sales market is unstable, the competition is disordered, the price is chaotic, and the economic benefit is not high

2. Product research and development: expand the application field of diamond

at present, the domestic tool production, new product development, process technology research and other aspects of capital investment are insufficient. It is necessary to increase investment in the tool industry, pay close attention to the development of new products and the promotion of new technologies and new processes, constantly expand the application field of diamond, improve the overall technical level and market competitiveness of the diamond tool industry, and strive to survive with variety and quality, Seek development with scientific and technological progress

in order to meet the needs of tool markets at home and abroad, we must speed up the development of new products, improve product quality, increase varieties, and improve output through fair design. In recent years, the demand for diamond tools in the processing fields of machinery, gemstones, medical devices, wood, glass fiber reinforced plastics, stone crafts, ceramics and composite non-metallic hard and brittle materials has increased year by year. At present, these products are still dependent on imports in China, so we must develop various series of high-quality tools as soon as possible to replace imports

at present, the products to be developed urgently include: PDC drill bits for oil drilling, diamond grinding blocks for stone polishing, engineering thin-wall drill bits, diamond honing oilstones, diamond film coating tools, diamond rollers, rubber bonded diamond plastic tools, PCD diamond tools, diamond Phonograph Needles, nozzles, diamond fins and triodes. In order to ensure the quality of its products, it is necessary to speed up the change of new technologies from individual migration restrictions to joint restrictions with the newly added material m-phenylene-2-methyl isocyanate, and the promotion of new processes, such as vacuum welding technology, spark sintering technology, diamond uniform distribution technology, diamond iridium plating technology and metallization bonding technology, laser welding technology, etc

3. Industry development: jointly build international brands

enterprises should constantly innovate advanced technology, constantly improve production technology, reduce production costs and improve economic benefits. Take the road of collectivization or joint enterprises, establish several large enterprise groups, guide the development of the industry, create their own brands, and actively participate in international competition. Rely on scientific and technological progress, increase scientific and technological investment, update equipment, pay close attention to the research and promotion of new technologies, new processes and new products, improve the utilization rate of tool matrix materials, accelerate the development of China's hardware tool industry, and further improve economic benefits and the overall technical level

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