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Honeywell established a new Department to develop UAV system and urban air traffic business on June 19, 2020, Honeywell Shanghai, China (NYSE: HON) established a new business department to develop UAV system (UAS) and urban air traffic (UAM). The UAV system business unit will inherit Honeywell's momentum and leadership in these emerging markets, and use Honeywell's expertise in technology, software, services and certification to meet the needs of customers in the market

introduction to urban air traffic and unmanned motorcycle chain stretching experiment of Jinan new era Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is a system condensed according to some different standards. The system will play an increasingly important role in the future aerospace industry. It has potential applications in urban pure electric air taxis, hybrid cargo UAVs, optional driving mode aircraft, cargo UAVs and all related products, Mike Madsen, President and CEO of Honeywell Aerospace Group, said: Honeywell has made a lot of technical promotion for these markets, and is more fully prepared to continue to develop our product portfolio to meet the needs of customers and help shape the future of autonomous aviation and urban transportation

the UAV system business department has its own engineering and sales resources, and can respond to the unique needs of the market to develop new products and services. It will also act as a system integrator for all Honeywell products and services that may be used in the industry. These products include aviation systems, such as avionics, pure electric and hybrid propulsion systems, thermal management, and flight services, such as unmanned air traffic management, as well as ground operation services, such as predictive aircraft maintenance analysis. In addition to technology development, this business unit will also become the liaison office between the innovative aircraft designers or operators and Honeywell, so as to facilitate the business of both parties

Honeywell is at the forefront of the industry, and we have seen the dawn of a new era in the aviation industry. St phane fymat, vice president and general manager of the new business department, said: urban air taxis, parcel delivery UAVs and various forms of automatic flight were the vision of the future. After the establishment of the new business department, we will make use of our strength in engineering resources and professional knowledge to turn it into a reality in our daily life

the new Department will further expand Honeywell's growing portfolio of urban air traffic solutions, and focus on software development, so as to promote the rapid development and testing of new products, for example:

1 The fly by wire system is equipped with a special ring stiffness point contact deformation measurement installation pilot system to ensure that the stability of the aircraft can be maintained even if the pilot does not take manual control for a long time

2. The detection and avoidance algorithm ensures that the aircraft can fly automatically in the oncoming traffic flow

3. The artificial intelligence software tracks the landing area specified according to the technical requirements of a foreign company to ensure each accurate vertical landing

Honeywell is a leading system provider in the field of urban air taxis, cargo aircraft and other types of aircraft. Its solutions cover integrated avionics, flight control, pure electric and hybrid electric propulsion systems, drive products and cabin environmental control systems. The company actively cooperates with many leading enterprises in the industry, such as pipistrel, vertical aerospace, volocopter and jaunt air mobility. In addition to urban air traffic, Honeywell is also discussing other unmanned flight operations (such as UAV package transportation) with customers

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