Hong Kong Xinxing will build a 1.6 billion solar g

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Hong Kong Xinxing will build a 1.6 billion solar glass plant in Damascus

in order to minimize the impact of liquid on the stiffness of the whole machine, a Hong Kong based Xinxing solar power company is planning to build a leading solar glass manufacturing plant in Malaysia, promising to invest 5.2 billion ringgit (about US $1.6 billion) in the emerging Solar Center, according to theedgemalaysia report

sunbearsolar is said to aim at the production plant in the Kota Kinabalu Industrial Park, namely the 8320 acre park in Sabah, Malaysia, which has recently driven commercial activities in East Malaysia

this year, 2.2 billion Malaysian ringgit will be put into the leading stage of the project to purchase equipment and set up factories for a variety of performance tests such as stretching, tightening, bending, peeling and shearing of various materials. In the second phase, about RM3 billion will be used to expand the plant on 300 acres of land. Production is expected to begin in 2012

solar glass is an application module for solar cells, and is the basic material for thin films and polycrystalline solar cells, for example. The solar glass of the factory will be exported to the markets of West Malaysia and Southeast Asia

Leeholtjudd, CEO of sunbearsolar, said that the company chose Malaysia because it has rich solar glass raw materials, such as low-ion silica sand and limestone in Sabah

made in Malaysia

Malaysia is promoting the growth of solar panel production. Jalilahbaba, director of the malaysiaindustrialdevelopmentauthority, said that the country's solar energy industry will promote the country's technological and economic development

"as a high-tech leading industry, solar energy production is likely to contribute 40% of China's GDP in 2010." She said

Making it one of the most popular high-performance engineering plastics nowadays, 1

the country is giving priority to the development of solar energy industry in its development of renewable energy and new manufacturing industry. Malaysia is striving to win in developing 215MW solar energy production so that it can provide national 1. 5% of the total electricity demand

"the growth of solar energy industry reached a record 75% in 2009, and the global production reached 7500mw. By 2009, it has become a booming 115billion 'Malaysian rupee' business," she added

Ms. Baba said that sunbearsolar's investment proved Malaysia's competitiveness in this field and its efforts in capital intensive manufacturing

sunbearsolar is an emerging solar energy company, providing innovative projects for the global energy market

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