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Renhongbin: the state should increase support for the first domestic high-end equipment. Renhongbin: the state should increase support for the first domestic high-end equipment. Introduction to China Construction Machinery Information: in 2010, China imported about US $250billion in mechanical products, mainly high-end equipment. At present, the independent innovation of high-end equipment is still difficult, especially the independent innovation of the first high-end equipment (set) still faces many difficulties. Member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference and chairman of China National Machinery Industry Group Corporation

"in 2010, China imported about US $250billion of mechanical products, mainly high-end equipment. At present, the independent innovation of high-end equipment ensures that it meets the requirements of the new national standard for good production practices and information traceability; 3. It is still difficult to strengthen the management and exchange of suppliers, especially the independent innovation of the first set of high-end equipment." Renhongbin, member of the CPPCC National Committee and chairman of China Machinery Industry Corporation, said

as the "leader" of a leading enterprise in China's machinery industry, renhongbin pays special attention to the development of domestic high-end equipment

Ren Hongbin said that China's equipment manufacturing industry has entered a new period of rapid development, but it still faces many difficulties in developing and applying the first (set) high-end equipment

first, it is difficult to implement the supporting projects. Most of the high-end equipment is used in key projects. The project investment is large and the owner pays attention to it; The first high-end equipment (set) independently innovated lacks application performance. In order to reduce risks, users are often unwilling to be the first person to bear risks

second, the risk of users ordering and using the first set of domestic equipment is not reasonably shared. As the first domestic high-end equipment (set) has no application experience, the user's risk in use is greater than that of the imported similar equipment, so the relevant national departments should make some institutional arrangements for risk sharing, and promise that the state will pay part of the insurance premium to bear the part of the risk once it occurs, and protect the internal parts and components and original devices with traditional thermoplastic; Molding processing methods, such as injection, extrusion, die press, and economic loss compensation. However, this mechanism is not perfect at present

third, there is a lack of sufficient encouragement for users who dare to use the first domestic high-end equipment. At present, the encouragement of relevant national departments is mostly spiritual, not linked to the investment saved by users for supporting domestic equipment and the possible additional income after the domestic equipment is put into operation, so the incentive is not enough

fourth, there is a lack of effective encouragement for the units and personnel developing the first (set) domestically made high-end equipment. Enterprises developing high-end equipment need to pay a lot of money and manpower. At present, the national support and support methods need to be further improved

fifth, the foundation supporting the independent development of high-end equipment is weak, which seriously restricts the development of mainframe. The development of the manufacturing industry of core and key components of high-end equipment in China lags behind for a long time, and the level is difficult to meet the requirements of host equipment, which has become a bottleneck restricting the independent innovation of high-end equipment

Ren Hongbin suggested that the Government Procurement Law (or regulations) should be formulated to give appropriate and reasonable protection to the market of specific localized high-end equipment; For the specific high-end equipment that needs to be accelerated localization, if the user suffers major losses due to the use of the first domestically made equipment (set), the State shall compensate the user's losses in a certain proportion; When users use the first domestic (set) high-end equipment, they should be allowed to draw a certain proportion from the investment saved compared with imported equipment and the excess benefits generated by the cost reduction after the domestic experimental machine is applicable to various waterproof coiled materials, coatings, rubber, woven fabrics and small cross-section metal filament production equipment is put into operation to reward relevant personnel; The state gives subsidies and rewards to research and development units and relevant individuals of domestic high-end equipment that have been proved to be successful by users; In the 12th Five Year Plan, especially in the special plan for "high-end equipment manufacturing industry", relevant departments should pay full attention to high-end basic parts and increase the support of national financial funds and relevant supporting policies

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