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Holiday market survey of printing industry

Christmas has just passed, new year's day has arrived, and the Spring Festival is coming. Urban and rural areas are red and green everywhere. People are busy buying new year's goods. The market is busy. While the holiday economy is stimulating consumption, it is also making a profit for printing production enterprises

holiday order increment

it is understood that since the middle of 2006, many printing plants have successively undertaken orders for holiday packaging and color decoration prints. Manager Wang of a printing factory in Shanghai told: "in the second half of the year, the printing factory was busy because of several traditional festivals in China, but the Mid Autumn Festival, national day, new year's day and Spring Festival were concentrated in the second half of the year. Affected by the expansion of market demand for festivals, the demand for printing and packaging products increased significantly."

manager Li of a printing factory in Dongguan said, "our factory mainly makes external orders. Christmas orders began half a year ago." Manager Li was pleased: "although most of our products are used for export, the number of mainland customers has also increased in the past year or two. In particular, Christmas cards have both domestic and foreign markets, which has played a good role in promoting our business."

it is learned from local printing associations that, in addition to the "Yangtze River Delta" area, there are also different quantities of products in various regions. Because the color printing technology is not complex and the order requirements are flexible, a large number of small factories in many regions have undertaken scattered businesses

compared with large printing factories, these small factories have the characteristics of lower wages, flexible staff, low production consumption and low cost, which are more suitable for small commodity printing supply. In addition, some printing factories adopt the method of self printing and selling on a commission basis, and wholesalers can return unsold products to the factory

increasing demand for printing bags

people wear clothes, horses wear saddles, and the kitchen god also has to wear Buddha niches; The current significance of packaging to products is self-evident. The new year is the peak season for gift sales. We can see that the major commercial buildings in the capital market have opened up counters or venues for New Year gifts; All kinds of gift bags made in the name of the new year are beautiful and attractive. Some businesses have specially designed "limited edition" products and so on. Retailers increasingly welcome fine packaging gifts. Festival packaging and gift box packaging can undoubtedly cater to the public's consumer psychology

three days before New Year's day, at Beijing Guanyuan wholesale mall, the owner of a booth specializing in selling new year's decorations and gift packaging told him with a happy face: "the goods that were only delivered this afternoon sold 300 yuan in two hours. It's easy to sell!" Another booth nearby is busy with new goods. It seems that it is reasonable for printing enterprises to make a profit from the abundant new year's consumption. Jialingeng of Shanghai Printing Association said that the packaging industry is mainly determined by the development of the market economy. The holiday economy is the most catalyst for the market economy and also promotes the development of the packaging industry

legacy of luxury printing

in recent years, the society has been denouncing holiday luxury packaging. According to statistics, of the nearly 3million tons of garbage generated in Beijing alone each year, about 830000 tons of packaging materials for various commodities, of which 600000 tons are excessive packaging materials that can be saved; In the national annual municipal solid waste, packaging accounts for 30%. The control software sends control signals to the servo valve. The sanitation department also said that these luxury "garbage" that could have been recycled has caused a serious waste of resources. Every Mid Autumn Festival, national day, new year's day and Spring Festival, garbage removal and transportation peaks generally occur, and "luxury garbage" accounts for a large part of the removal and transportation volume

on the counter, a person who bought luxury gift wine said: "the packaging may be more expensive than the commodity itself. However, this is bought by the unit as a gift. It's a grand and beautiful picture!" Although it is not cost-effective to pack luxury goods, it has been observed that many consumers go straight to the high-end commodity counters to choose as soon as they enter the mall. Indeed, there will be a market only when there is demand. The question is how much public spending accounts for in these luxury packaging consumers? But one thing is certain. Luxury packaging can not become a booster for the fight against wealth and the atmosphere of luxury and waste

most of the "beautiful coats" of various packaging products are made of pulp, plastic, rattan, metal, etc. due to the lack of reasonable recycling, a large number of "skins" left in these packaging products are facing an embarrassing situation that is difficult to deal with. Some people complain: "these packaging wastes are all done by the printing factory!" The printing factory explained: "it is the order placed by the manufacturer. We just print." Printing enterprises believe that the treatment of packaging waste should start from the upper reaches of the packaging and printing industry. Only the joint efforts of the upper, middle and lower reaches can form a social resonance

environmentally friendly packaging tends to be hot

then, how to technically solve the garbage pollution problem caused by excessive packaging? It connects several printing associations in the north and south cities of the country

Ms. liang of Shenzhen printing association told: "with the development of economy, green packaging and environmental protection packaging are the only way for the development of the packaging industry. It is also the trend of festival packaging to ensure the effectiveness of customers' work."

jialingeng of Shanghai Printing Association said: "the product packaging should be appropriate, and the standard should be exquisite but not luxurious. Whether the packaging is wasteful depends on the materials. If the packaging is made of rosewood and crystal, it is a luxury packaging, putting the cart before the horse. If the packaging is made of paper products, it is environmental protection, and it is not excessive." She explained that paper products can be recycled after packaging, and a small amount of waste can be naturally decomposed in nature. Therefore, paper products are recognized as green products in the world, which can play a positive role in replacing the white pollution caused by plastics

the industry calls on relevant departments to establish and improve China's packaging waste recycling system as soon as possible, strive to save resources and reduce environmental pollution while advocating appropriate packaging and environmentally friendly packaging

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