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Zhenzang class design, excellent quality and innovative technology have made F3 the rare inscription of Asia Pacific Tianneng. The continuation of character and the legend of luxury bring you an unparalleled noble experience

f3 is a luxury work developed by Asia Pacific Tianneng fingerprint lock for top-level Haoju. The handicraft art, which follows the European craftsman culture, creates an elegant style of Baroque movement and change. Unlike most other brand products, they have only one external security defense line. F3 has two internal and external security defense lines, three-dimensional combination, comprehensive core protection, and greatly improved anti-theft performance; F3 follows the enterprise standard design and production that is much higher than the industry standard. The product has passed multiple rigorous tests, and its service life is more than twice the requirements of the industry standard. It has completed 200000 failure free tests, and can be used normally for 15 years, with high reliability; Equipped with cutting-edge m-link3.0 operating system, equipped with large screen OLED LCD and Chinese menu display system, it is simple to use and powerful. European classic appearance design, safe and reliable quality, innovative intelligent functions, only to create an unprecedented experience for you

top design, art brightens life! The surface of F3 is treated by nano electroplating process. The colored surface of bronze or champagne gold will not fade for a long time. The color changes with the light angle, and the longer it lasts, the newer it will be. The exquisite relief detail processing, the pursuit of symmetry and layering, reveals the style in the plain. People oriented, every detail is a respect for people - the handle is designed with a 35 ° comfortable arc, which integrates practicality and aesthetics, showing a flexible metal texture; The U-shaped free handle is smooth and comfortable, taking care of the elderly and children

excellent quality ensures safety and reliability! APAC Tianneng fingerprint lock has always been known for its "safety and reliability". F3, as a high-end product, is far more powerful than other enterprise products. It is equipped with a unique internal and external security line to protect the safety of the home all day long

the first external defense line: alloy integrated die-casting panel, super impact resistant; U-shaped free handle can effectively protect the lock body from violent opening and resist external force damage; With the exclusive patented folding key, the lock bladder can be hidden in the lock body, effectively preventing the technology from opening; RF semiconductor fingerprint sensor can go deep into the dermis to identify living fingerprints, and forged fingerprints cannot be unlocked; Anti peek password design, which can be recognized by any input before and after the real password; Password anti cracking function, accumulated password errors for 5 times within three minutes, forced sleep for 3 minutes

the second core defense line: the high-level electronic anti-theft lock body is adopted, the motor and clutch are placed in the lock body, the lock cylinder is inserted on the lock body, and the lock cylinder cannot be pulled out from the lock body when there is no mechanical key to open. The lock cylinder is equipped with a C-level lock cylinder, and the technical opening time is as long as 270 minutes. Such a structural design, even if F3 is damaged, the first defense line, the panel is pried, and the lock cannot be opened without a mechanical key; The double control system inside and outside the door, the front and rear panels are bundled with encrypted communication, one-to-one matching, and the drive unlocking system is on the rear panel, which effectively prevents the electronic technology behind the front panel from being damaged to unlock. At the same time, the product will not be unlocked by electromagnetic interference

Asia Pacific Tianneng has formulated enterprise standards that are far higher than the industry standards. The products are designed and produced in strict accordance with the enterprise standards. All fingerprint locks are designed through rigorous environmental experiments, electromagnetic compatibility experiments, anti-destructive experiments, life tests and other reliability experiments to ensure that 200000 + times of trouble free opening, far higher than the industry standard 100000 times of life, and can be used reliably for more than 15 years

technological innovation, create the best experience! F3 fingerprint lock is equipped with m-link3.0 operating system based on cloud management and control with independent intellectual property rights - multiple system link, which can be connected to the cloud through the gateway and become the entrance of the smart home system. It is equipped with a large OLED display screen and a Chinese pull-down menu. The system has strong functions and is easy to use without instructions; Chinese m-link3.0 operating system + Dual Core dual system + bundled encrypted communication + multiple unlocking independent work + intelligent fault self-test + low-power operation + low battery alarm, organic combination of software and hardware, achieving extremely strong defense

in addition, F3 has innovatively developed many functions

1. It supports fingerprint + password + swipe card + key + authorized unlocking, and can send one-time passwords to visitors remotely through wechat, which is safe and worry-free

2. The door lock has three levels of management authority, which can set a specific time password for the nanny to protect privacy scientifically

3. It supports the optional wechat gateway. When family members go home to open the door, the password is continuously wrong, and someone pries the lock, the door lock will immediately send a message to the mobile wechat, allowing you to control the dynamics of the door lock in real time

4. Using the unique anti scratch algorithm, even if the fingerprint sensor is scratched, it can be recognized normally

5. Equipped with USB emergency charging port and emergency key for emergencies

collection level design, excellent quality and innovative technology have made F3 the rare inscription of Asia Pacific Tianneng. The continuation of character and the legend of luxury bring you an unparalleled noble experience

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