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On December 6, 2018, the 2018 "China Intelligent Building Brand Award" award ceremony, known as the "Oscar" in the building intelligence industry, was held at Guangzhou Oriental Hotel at the same time, and Ziguang IOT was invited to participate

on December 6, 2018, the 2018 "China Intelligent Building Brand Award" award ceremony, known as the "Oscar" in the building intelligence industry, was held at the same time in Guangzhou Oriental Hotel. It was a gathering of big names and elites. Dozens of experts and leaders in the field of building intelligence and more than 200 senior executives of intelligent brands gathered together to witness the announcement of the most influential brand award in China's intelligent building industry

the "China Intelligent Building Brand Award" at the scene of the award ceremony is the final evaluation of the best enterprises with the most brand building influence by taking the annual brand monitoring data as the core, adhering to the principles of objectivity, impartiality and authority, through market research and analysis, user feedback, expert evaluation and user voting; The "top ten Smart Home Brand Awards" of this award has attracted particular attention from all walks of life

top ten smart home brands

uiot super smart home has achieved rapid development by relying on excellent product quality, value-added user experience and considerate service, which has been highly recognized by the market and capital. In 2018, it won the award of "top ten smart home brands"

uiot vice president Mr. Deng Yuanchao (third from the left) attended and received the award

uiot super smart home won the third place in 2018 "top ten smart home brands", which carries the high expectations of the public and the industry for uiot brand, and also explains the value of uiot brand. Here, I would like to thank the public for their affirmation. We have a long way to go. Every honor we have won in the past and every affirmation of users will become an infinite driving force for us to move forward. We are bound to forge ahead and bring more high-quality products and solutions to the public. We hope that everyone can feel the convenience of smart home and contribute to the cause of smart home

uiot super smart home, as a brand model in the smart home industry, focuses on the research and development of the whole house wireless smart home. There are 22 flagship stores of manufacturers and 300 franchise experience stores nationwide (all located in red star Macalline and incredibly home high-end building materials mall). It has won the top ten smart home brands in China for four consecutive years

uiot super smart - we don't produce home furnishings, we just inject thinking into her, adhere to the original intention, and maintain the leading position in the industry

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