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What about the budget for hydropower installation? If you are prepared to do it by yourself, there is a prerequisite here, that is, you should be able to understand the drawings of hydropower control and make a budget according to the various quantities above, mainly looking at the various lengths and surfaces on the drawings. However, because of this condition, it is difficult for many people who want to do their own hydropower installation budget. If you really want to do this budget yourself, you need to figure out the drawings a little bit, and then get started a little bit. Next, the editor of Wuhan home decoration network will remind you what to pay attention to in the hydropower installation budget

what should be paid attention to in the budget of hydropower installation

first, the drawings should be read carefully, and there should be no missing items in the budget. This is a big problem for beginners and novices

II. The actual consumption of main materials and the bill of quantities are two different concepts, which should be distinguished

III. The quota should be applied accurately and cannot be applied to other items

IV. The price of main materials should be clear

v. pay attention to the setting of project category, management fee and profit when using the software

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